The Wuhan Files: China’s Biggest Flaws In The Pandemic Unraveled

Diego Hernandez, Editor/Reporter December 7, 2020

It’s February 10, 2020, and Chinese President Xi Jinping is in a video call with Wuhan’s frontline medical staff, addressing them on the nation’s plans for the outbreak. With the world beaming their...

California’s El Dorado Fire: A Quick Summary

Diego Hernandez, Editor/Reporter September 21, 2020

One of the monumental risks about living in the Golden State is the risk of wildfires, a state that is no stranger to these natural disasters. Despite this, California has been increasing at alarming rates...

Messi’s Final Hours – How FC Barcelona Are On The Brink Of Collapse

Diego Hernandez, Editor/Reporter August 28, 2020
What’s more important, the results or the football?

COVID-19 Recap

Diego Hernandez, Editor/Reporter May 18, 2020

Sources: CNN & Reuters May 6, 2020 The UK Government plans to scrap the “Stay At Home” message as it plans to ease coronavirus restrictions. (British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told...

COVID-19: Recap & What Is Coming Next

Diego Hernandez, Reporter April 1, 2020

Since the last time this website published an article on the coronavirus, we were just speaking about how it was slowly entering the United States, more prominently in the state of Washington. Now, some...

Explosion that shook Cypress

Ashley Swedlund, Reporter January 30, 2020

As a citizen living in the United States, waking up to see your house shaking beneath you as the shock waves of an explosion pass through is easily one of the worst feelings. The questions running through...

Coronavirus: China’s Microscopic Spate

Diego Hernandez, Reporter January 29, 2020

In the spur of weeks that have built up a taste of what the new decade is going to bring us, the most worrisome has come out of Wuhan, China, a city of 11 million people, after a new disease outbreak known...

Rising tensions and conflict: What’s happening in Iran?

Diego Hernandez, Reporter January 23, 2020

If you’ve been following the last few weeks of news coverage, whether that may be through social media or news broadcasts, you should undoubtedly be hearing a lot of noise circle around and out of Iran....

2020 Teacher of the Year Nominees

Victoria Tzanev, Reporter January 23, 2020

Every teacher walking the halls of Morton Ranch High School is capable and deserves to win Teacher of the Year. Even so, students and faculty members can only nominate a teacher of their choice, and five...

Opinion: A state of media misinformation

Opinion: A state of media misinformation

Kayley Swedlund, Editor-in-Chief December 2, 2019

Recently, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg added a new feature on the app called Facebook News. The feature will include a wide range of content across four categories of publishers: general, topical,...

News Brief (Nov. 4 to Nov. 11)

Diego Hernandez, Reporter November 12, 2019

Monday, Nov. 4, 2019 In regards to the impeachment inquiry, four White House officials scheduled for House inquiry depositions didn’t testify. McDonald’s fires CEO Steve Easterbrook following...

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