18 Things You Want to do When You Turn 18 but won’t Actually Do.

March 3, 2020

I’m sure every teenager has heard the words, “you can do that when you’re 18” at least ten times from their parents. The common way most parents say no to their children is by setting an age limit...

Real World: The True African Story (from an African so it must be true)

Delfina Ahulu, Reporter February 26, 2018

Disclaimer: This is satire. “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba. sithi uhm ingonyama...” The wake up call rings through our village while the rooster crows. I wake up my mom and brother to tell them I...

Dealing With Extreme Parents

Alex Badillo, Reporter April 4, 2017

Having extremely overprotective parents is difficult to deal with because they are constantly breathing down your neck at every chance they get. If you have these type of parents, then you know that this...

High School Seniors Still Can’t Get it Together

Seriously, it’s been four years.
Christina Soukis, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2017

MORTON RANCH-- Despite having for years of experience, local sources have confirmed that MRHS seniors are struggle-busing now more than ever before. “It’s almost like they haven’t been doing...

Thank You Guys

Vanessa Chaires, Equipment Manager January 12, 2017

  I just want to give a huge thanks to some guys out there in the world. Honestly just thank you for everything you don’t do. Let me list some examples of your generosity:   Not...

How to Pass a Standardized Test

A Satire
Christina Soukis, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 1, 2016

Standardized tests are the difference between living under your own roof and living under IH-10. Despite the fact that teachers literally revolve their lesson plans for the entire school year around these...

Are these twins really on the same wavelength?

Mavericks show their school spirit by dressing up for twin day, and we asked them to take the whisper challenge.

Christmas Family Scenarios and Prevention

Vanessa Chaires, Reporter December 12, 2015

When I think of Christmas I think of cookies, hot chocolate and the crisp cool weather we rarely get. Then again, I cringe at the thought of Christmas since holidays equal family and family equals drama....

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