See you later, MRHS

Victoria Tzanev, Reporter

I walked into freshman year with fear breathing down my neck and nerves creeping through my entire body. Walking through the halls without knowing almost anyone was not a fun experience, but I ended up becoming best friends with some of these strangers. That year zoomed by before I could realize it, but I always thought, “hey, i have three more years it’s okay.” 

I waltz into sophomore year with excitement and familiarity. I knew just about everyone and was ready to encounter anything that was thrown at me. Well, almost everything. In 2017 we were hit with hurricane Harvey. It devastated millions lives, families, homes, and more. It put a major dent to my sophomore year, but it showed how we’re all one big Maverick family as we all came together and helped each other out. Couple of months passed by and it snowed in Texas! After 13 years of no snow falling from the sky, it finally snowed again over here and for a moment we forgot all the bad things that happened, and let our melting snowmans fill us with joy and happiness. Before I knew I was saying goodbye to sophomore year, telling myself, “I have two more years left! I have nothing to worry about.” 

I enter junior year with absolutely zero confidence in myself. I was told junior year is the most important and hardest year in high school. I was constantly asked what am I going to do after high school and honestly I had no idea. But I ended up finding my confidence again with the help of teachers and friends, and made a plan. That year was also filled with SATs, ACTs, and a lot of studying and tears. But I conquered it all and ended up having one of the best years at MRHS. Then I realized I had one more year left. When did all this time fly by? 

I was excited for senior year, I couldn’t wait to endure all the senior activities, until it got cut right at the start of them. In the beginning I was devastated, no one anticipated that it would all end this way, until I started looking back to the previous years. Despite that my senior year got cut short and I ended up missing out on so many senior activities, I’m still grateful for how everything turned out. It made me look back even harder to the last three years and cherish the little things that happened. The teachers, friends, tennis, clubs, football games, the events, and so much more is what made my adventure at Morton Ranch amazing. 

I did take for granted the amount of time I was going to have at MRHS. You never realize how fast time flies by till you’re at the end- or in this case until a worldwide pandemic cuts it a little bit shorter- but I do know that no matter what happens, the friendships, the memories, all of it will stay with me forever. Here are a few of the many, many, MANY things that made my high school experience the absolute best. 

Big reason why my high school journey was amazing is because of my teachers. Every teacher I had has influenced me in some way or form. However, some of them made an enormous impact in my life. 

Mrs. Naseman was my algebra II teacher sophomore year. Not only was she one of the best math teachers I have ever had, but she taught me that even in the roughest and darkest days one could have, there will always be a light shining and guiding you out of it. Thank you Mrs. Naseman for being the bright and yellow sunshine everyday in class, especially for being a little brighter on my darker days. 

Coach Bunte was my WHAP teacher sophomore year. I’ve never seen a teacher love their students as much as he does. Coach Bunte dedicates all of his time and effort into us; he stays up later and wakes up earlier for his students in order to make sure we succeed inside and outside the classroom. Thank you Coach Bunte for making history my favorite subject and for believing in me when no one else did. 

Coach Ishee was my APUSH teacher junior year. He has a very calm yet strong demeanor. He guides his students without them being aware he’s there, he’s always straight to the point and remains respectful towards everyone. Thank you Coach Ishee for guiding even the wildest of Mavericks, forging them into better students and better people (including myself). 

Mr. Tollison was my AP Euro teacher senior year. He was one of the few teachers who always left his door open for all of his students. No matter what time it was during the day he always gave the best advice and guided his students to the right path. Thank you Mr. Tollison for giving me the tools to get out every time I felt stuck. 

Мrs. Kaushal was my calculus teacher senior year. She’s one of the strongest teachers I have ever met. Calculus is one of the hardest and most stressful courses a high school student could take, but Mrs. Kaushal was always concerned for our well-being and remained caring and supportive for all of us. Thank you Mrs. K for preparing us for the future and constantly remaining positive through the bumpy roads we had to tackle. 

Mr. Womack was my AP Gov teacher senior year. His humorous and charismatic attitude never failed to light up the room every time he walked in. He taught me how nothing is worth stressing over and just simply enjoy the time I have with the people around me, and to always listen to both sides of every story. Thank you Mr. Womack for inspiring me to fight for the things I believe in and stopping me from always doubting myself. 

Coach Wallace was my tennis coach for the last four years in high school. Over the past four years, I got to witness the tennis team go through so many changes: a new assistant coach, the addition and subtraction of our entire team, and so much more. But Coach Wallace stayed the entire time and didn’t allow any obstacle to hold him behind. I got to watch him grow along with the entire team. No matter what was going on in my life, good or bad, I could always rely and trust my coach with everything. Thank you Coach Wallace for letting me join the family of your tennis team. 

Your friends are the reasons why you make unforgettable high school memories. The unbreakable bonds that you create begin in high school, and in some cases way sooner than that. I realized that the people you meet during these four years impact your life more than you think. I hope even after five, 15, or even 20 years later I’m still great friends with all these amazing people. And here’s a few of them! 

There will be the friends that you’ve known the longest, dating back since elementary, like Abbhinav Jayaraman, Andrea Gallegos, and Janny Li. Being able to look back from where you started till now with someone else is crazy, it’s like you’re reading a whole novel together. They’ve known you for so long, they just know who you truly are and you know them. It’s those types of friendships that you know you want to hold on forever.

Then there are the friends who you clicked with right away and you know whatever happens they’ll always have your back. For me, some of them were Hayoung Cho, Alex Ngyuen, Karen Tseng, and Andres Villada. You build inside jokes and nicknames (shout out to my hoodie, Alex) and support each other through the ups and downs of high school. 

Then there are the underclassmen friends. Kaeden Al-Barbarawi, Andrew Garcia, Paolo Lay, Serine Nayef, Isabelle Weng, and Mya Gorman are just the few of many friends I have made. You get to help them with homework, college applications, and high school in general. As you watch them grow, you end up growing with them as well. Teachers emphasize that the “underclassman looks up to the seniors,” but honestly I wouldn’t say that’s the case. I made magnificent friendships with them and I knew I wanted to help them like a true friend. 

If you’re in a sports team or an extracurricular, the people in it with you just grow into another family. Abbhinav, Hayoung, Alex, Aimee, Gabe, Casey, Chase, Isabelle, Juliana, Kaeden, Leilani, Minh, Mya, Shahirah, and Luis are the people in my tennis family. These people made my senior year a terrific one. They made my last year in tennis the absolute best. The bond I have with all of them is a bond I will cherish and hold onto forever, and I know they will be the first thing I think about when I look back at Morton Ranch. 

I’m not the best at goodbyes, so don’t think this is. It’s simply just a see you later, Morton Ranch. I will come back and visit everyone and walk through the halls where I met the strangers who became my best friends, walk the soccer field where we had a snowball fight, walk past the classrooms where I took my SATs, and say hello to everyone again. 

I’m off to becoming a fighting Aggie at Texas A&M University in the fall, and plan to major in engineering and minor in political science and journalism. But no matter where the wind takes me, I’ll always remember that I’m a true purple Maverick and carry everything that I have learned at Morton Ranch with me to my future endeavors. Be purple, be proud, it’s the Maverick way!