Senior Year 2.0

Victoria Tzanev, Reporter

Recently, we’ve heard devastating news about the rest of the school year being cancelled. It’s more than the fact that school is over, but so is our athletic season and a bunch of school activities and events. It’s even harder on the seniors. We missed out on senior chill out, the elementary walk, the powder puff game, the rest of the games for Macho Mavs. 

However, maybe not all hope is lost. Prom and graduation have been rescheduled, and it looks like Katy ISD will do everything in its power to make sure that it will happen for us no matter what. But everything else has been cancelled indefinitely, or is it? 

While maybe there isn’t much that we can do to convince it to happen, we can always try to plan an alternative anyways. We may have been forced to lose our senior year, doesn’t mean we have to give up on it. 

Let’s start with senior chillout. Originally, we were going to wear our purple cap and gowns and walk down the main hallway at Morton Ranch, while the rest of the school comes out and cheers us on. Then we proceed to go to the main commons, and our whole class hangs out there together for the rest of the day. Now, we may not be able to go back to school, instead during the summer the entire class of 2020 should come together at one of the open fields outside at MRHS and have fun activities we can all do. Teachers and faculty could join, and we could all celebrate the closure of our senior year together. 

Next is the elementary walk. We were going to go to our elementaries and walk the halls and say hi to our old teachers. As much as we were looking forward to that, that has also been cancelled. However, maybe once the new school year begins, all the elementaries could invite the graduated seniors to come by and say hi anyways. It could be any day, most comparable to the seniors. 

Powder puff game. The football game between the senior and junior girls. Another alternative to this is just to plan it for the summer, any of the seniors and juniors who would like to try out still could and plan the game in July. 

The rest of the Macho Mavs games also have been cancelled. We had only one game before the school year was shut down, which we ended up losing. We can’t have bad rep, there should be another alternative to fix that! I propose to move all those intended games for the summer, entrance could be free as well. That way our Macho Mavs could destroy everyone and be the real champs!

Finally, our athletic seasons. Our senior athletes basically lost their spring season, the last athletic season of their high school journey. Many of them were hoping to conclude it with a strong win before they continue their athletic career in college or their last play ever. Most of the senior athletes have been part of the team for their entire four years in high school, so it’s not fair or easy on them for their last year to be interrupted like this in the first place. I believe this is definitely something that should be rescheduled for the seniors. All the spring season sports should be rescheduled during the summer, or possibly during the next school year they should dedicate time for senior athletes to finish off their seasons. 

It’s not easy nor fair for the seniors. We all have put our blood, sweat, and tears into school for the past 12 years. We won’t even get to say goodbye to the teachers that have impacted our lives. Seniors shouldn’t give up, even if everyone is forcing us to. Seniors won’t say goodbye until we get our goodbye. Morton Ranch class of 2020 is built upon fire and hope. We have the heart of a true Maverick, so we will fight like one for our senior year.