Don’t get Fluff, get Buff

Victoria Tzanev, Reporter

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While we embark on this journey, living in the middle of a history textbook, we have to remain inside all day with nothing to do as we all lose our minds. Many of us just want to step out into the sun, listen to the birds chirp away, our skin soaking up vitamin D, and finally be able to see our friends. However, This isn’t the case. The pandemic is increasing more and more everyday, and in order to stop the spread we must be quarantined inside. 

Sadly, though, these precautions are what’s causing us to slowly lose our minds. We stay trapped inside all day, see and hear the same five faces every single day, and just stay trapped in the four walls of our rooms. Not fun. 

Don’t worry, though, because even if you are going insane there’s hope. You can always workout and keep yourself active, and not become out of shape. So here’s ten workouts that you can do to not get fluff, but become buff. 


  1.  You can jump rope. 
  2.  You can do 25 burpees.
  3.  50 squats. 
  4. 25 push-ups. 
  5. 100 sit-ups.  
  6.  50 mountain climbers. 
  7.  80 lunges, or 40 lunges on each leg. 
  8.  Lift weights. If you don’t have any, fill a backpack with books and lift it. 
  9.  Run around the house or in place for a certain amount of time. 
  10.  If you have a Wii, play Just Dance or Wii Fit. 


You can do all these workouts everyday, or you can do some, or just one of them per day. You can add on, or decrease the number, whichever works for you. It’s just a guide to get you started so you won’t lose your mind while we’re in quarantine, and work on that hot summer body. 

I know so many things have gotten cancelled because of the pandemic, but that shouldn’t stop you from staying active and being healthy. Look on the positive side of things, no matter how hard it may seem. We all just have to push through it all. Don’t give up.