COVID-19: Recap & What Is Coming Next

Diego Hernandez, Reporter

Since the last time this website published an article on the coronavirus, we were just speaking about how it was slowly entering the United States, more prominently in the state of Washington. Now, some time has passed and the worldwide cases are about to reach a million in the coming days, with at the time of writing, we have reached about 800k.


Dr. Fauci, who served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has estimated about 100k deaths of the virus in the United States alone. Yesterday, Texas governor Greg Abbot ordered the closure of all Texas schools until May 4th, and the closure of all borders with Louisiana a day before. The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, has also tested positive for the virus after being heavily criticized for the lack of checks at airports and not stopping the closure of schools throughout the union.


China announced 6 days ago that they would be lifting the lockdown on the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, on April 6th. Citizens are starting to go out onto the streets more and life is slowly resuming to normality. The United States has reached about 865 deaths in the last 24 hours of the virus, Oman has recorded it’s first death of the virus, Houston has roughly over 700 cases (none in Katy as of now), According to The Spectator Index, the US (124k), Italy (92k), China (81k), Spain (78k) and Germany (58k) top the charts in the most cases worldwide of COVID-19.


People have reported shortness of breath, red eyes, dry coughing, fevers, and other cold-like symptoms, with more severe cases leading to pneumonia or total lung failure.


A cure is yet to be made, and the president Donald Trump estimates this crisis to continue roughly until July or August. Gal Gadot has recently come under fire with criticism for making a video singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” alongside other celebrities, for downplaying the situation and not donating a sum of their worth for relief causes as their influence would bolster progress in finding a cure and other accessories to fight the virus. Multiple celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Lionel Messi, have donated a sum of their income and salaries to relief funds as a sign of solidarity. New York City is building a hospital in the middle of Central Park in order to fight the rising cases in the city. Worldwide, people are taking to their homes, apartments and balconies and applauding the doctors, nurses and other medical staff for their efforts in combating the virus.


Multiple reports have shown that it is common to see doctors and nurses alike break down and cry in their breaks over the situation, with some in fear that they may too be infected by the virus.


So, quite a lot has happened since we last published on this. Now what?


The truth is, nobody is sure. Donations must continue, social and physical distancing must still be placed, a cure is in progress, and people must be in touch with hygiene a lot more frequently than before. These are incredibly tough times for all of us, and if we all follow the CDC and WHO guidelines and stay indoors, we can all combat this virus together. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 like symptoms and/or have come in contact recently with anybody that has the virus and/or has been in contact with somebody who does, it is strongly recommended that you get yourself tested and enforce social isolation amongst yourself and anybody you live with.


None of us know how this will finish, and at times things seem bleak amidst the worry and boredom, but if we all stick together it, along with its troubles, will pass.