Giovanni Chanaba- The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Ashley Swedlund, Reporter

Music is a career pursued by many, but no one is as talented and as dedicated as our very own Morton Ranch High School senior, Giovanni Chanaba.

Giovanni is one of the MRHS Bands drum majors, having been an assistant drum major for the 2018-2019 marching band season, and the head drum major for the 2019-2020 marching season. Besides the marching seasons, Giovanni participates in multiple concert season events such as but not limited to Solo and Ensemble, UIL Concert and Sightreading, and Symphony Orchestra. 

But even despite his busy schedule, as well as the time he dedicated to keeping up good grades, Giovanni still finds time to write his own music. 

Giovanni started writing his own music by the age of six, even having gotten his own piano from Best Buy for his birthday, and has released his first single in the December of 2018 called “Home” and since then has published quite a few other songs.

A lot of his music is a fusion style, but he focuses mostly around pop, classical, trap and electronic. All of his songs share a similar driving motion to them, but all have their individual and unique characteristics that differentiate them.

Music is a great form of expression and dealing with unwanted emotions or fears, especially when you’re the one creating it. It can allow you to healthily express these underlying issues and cope with it. It’s no different for Giovanni, as he also uses music as an outlet to cope with uncertainty. 

“A lot of my music is based on the future,” Giovanni said. “I find that a lot of people are afraid of the future and where we will go to be honest. I think that writing about the future or in a very technological instrumentation is a way for me to cope with the uncertainty.”

“One thing I struggle with that people tell me all the time is that my song structure never makes sense,” he admits, but then continued to say, “And what I have to say to that is, there’s  just so much to say and feel during a song and I simply don’t have enough seconds in the song!”

“I really just create whatever music comes to my mind,” Chanaba said. “I was inspired by music that I see all around, but more specifically the Disney channel inspired a lot of my writing.”

Music is a big part of Giovanni’s life, as he plans to continue to develop his skills and create music for the rest of his life. But it’s not the only thing he plans to pursue in his future.

“I have goals to become a biomedical engineer, and become stable enough to have music be a bigger part of my life,” Giovanni said. “I want to be able to write marching shows, and do sound design for recording artists”

As of now, Giovanni is working on a new project that is no less interesting and creative than his other projects.

“The project entails how our personalities are constantly divided among different audiences and friend groups and sometimes the thing that divides the versions of us can be a trap or a prison for us.”

Giovanni has no plans of stopping his music career, and hopes to inspire others along the way. 

“It is detrimental to my personality and it makes me so happy to be alive. I can inspire and create through poetry and melodies that I hand craft.”