Your Vote is Our Change

In the US, 24% of eligible voters are not registered to vote. The majority that makes up that percentage are younger adults, who tend to forget to register, don’t care, or are simply too lazy to. However, voting is very important. It’s how the citizens of the US are able to have a say in the government and choose who they want in office. 
The importance of voting is often overlooked and never emphasized to teenagers before they turn 18. They fail to realize that by voting you have the right to an opinion and can voice that opinion by voting and more. 
It’s obvious that today’s generation does complain about our government, but they’re the ones who can also change society for the better. The first step to that is by registering and going to vote. 
When you vote, you can openly fight for what you believe in and say whatever you wish to say about the government afterwards, however when one doesn’t vote they can’t have much say for what they believe in because they didn’t do anything to change it. 
Young adults make up the majority of the population, therefore their vote could be a strong, driven, political force and heavily influence our government. However, when they don’t show up on election day or register to vote, the older generation tends to be the one to control our government’s role for the nation, and little gets changed. 
Young adults also believe that one vote won’t matter, especially their vote. As a result, so many votes are missed during election day. Every vote counts, whether it’s just one or one million. 
This generation is also one of the most diverse groups in the nation’s history. It has so many opinions about society, the government, or basic lives in general. Our diverse mindset and voice could really impact our government. The more votes we have the bigger the change. 
If every young adult votes, they can easily sway the election. That’s a real change. It’s what our generation wants too. So register, vote, and fight. You matter, and so does your voice. 
Sometimes when you ask someone from our generation why don’t they vote, they might say they don’t care. Which is true, they might not, but what if you do in four years or less? What if one day you do care, but it’s too late? So it’s why you should do your research, see who appeals to you most, and vote. Otherwise you might regret it. 
If you are eligible to vote then please register right away. Your one vote can be the one who makes the biggest change in the nation’s history. By voting you are one step closer to make a change for the better.