Spring Break Ideas

Ashley Swedlund, Reporter

Houston Rodeo


This year, through March 3rd- 22nd the Houston Rodeo offers the usual fun filled including but not limited to a classic Texas Rodeo, followed by performances of a very interesting line-up for the much anticipated concert.

Also, if you’re not into the music that this event offers, there are a multitude of rides you can enjoy at the carnival, lined with activities and food trucks serving some of your favorite fast food. 


There’s a reason why the Houston Rodeo is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and it’s because of the wide variety of things you can do at this event, including the special visit from the multitude of famous artists.


Bear Creek Park


Nestled in Harris County district of Houston, Bear Creek Pioneers Park offers a wide selection of fun activities to do in this 2,154 acre forest of wilderness.

This park has equestrian trail rides, a small zoo and walking trails. It has a number of picnic spots, so you and your friends could bring some food and hang out, then you all can enjoy nature for a few hours afterward.


Spring is about truly enjoying nature after the cold winter months, and spring break is a perfect time to spend a day enjoying nature ats its finest.


Go-Kart racing at k1 speed

K1 Speed is also located in Houston, and is home to 50,000 square feet of space to race their innovative electric Go-karts! These Go-karts can go up to 45m/s, a fitting speed for their professionally designed indoor race tracks, leagues apart from the lawnmowers you’ll find at an amusement park.

While you’re not racing, you can check out a collection of racing memorabilia and amazing artwork celebrating the world of automobile racing.


It’s not everyday you can zip around on a nice track in a go-kart that can hit 45m/s, which is pretty fast for a go-kart. Spring break is a good time to make the trip up to Houston to spend the day with your friends at this indoor go-kart track.


Houston Space center


Houston is home to the Houston Space center, the leading space program in the world as of currently


But as well as sending astronauts off into space, the Houston Space center offers fun things to do for families, including tours of Mission control, check out actual space shuttles and explore a collection of 400 artifacts that the program proudly displays that tell the ever growing history of the program.

Even if you’re not into Space science, the Houston Space center is worth your appreciation for how far the program has grown since it’s very beginning in 1985, and most definitely worth your visit.


DownTown Aquarium. 


It’s not everyday that you get to see a shark or a colorful school of fish swim above your head, so the reasons why you should visit the Downtown Aquarium shouldn’t have to be explained.

But if you need a encouraging push, the Downtown Aquarium is home to many species of fish and other aquatic creatures in a very beautifully built building to showcase all of the tanks. You can learn about all different sorts of fish and their homes while you watch them swim around.


If that wasn’t convincing enough, there is also a carnival just outside the building, with an iconic ferris wheel and many other rides and games. 


The aquarium is a great way to be able to get out of the house and have fun, while also learning about something new.