18 Things You Want to do When You Turn 18 but won’t Actually Do.

I’m sure every teenager has heard the words, “you can do that when you’re 18” at least ten times from their parents. The common way most parents say no to their children is by setting an age limit to do a certain thing, in most cases it’s once they are 18 years old, because they believe that once they turn that age their child will forget about it and never get it done. However, most parents don’t realize by doing that, their child is awaiting the day of their 18th birthday so they can go off and do it. 

In some cases, however, once they turn 18 they end up chickening out or their parents say no to them anyways, no matter the age limit they’ve said. 

If you’re reading this then I’m sure you have encountered this common dilemma. So here’s a list of 18 things teenagers want to do once they turn 18 but may never actually end up doing. 

1. Get piercings

I think you’ll instantly regret that when you walk in the house. 

2. Go vote

Yes! Your vote can change so much in America’s government! 

3. Get a tattoo

Isn’t that a fun way to get disowned by your parents? 

4. Buy fireworks

As long as you don’t wake up your parents at night. 

5. Make a will

That will make you sound very adult like.  

6. Open a bank account in their name

This will also make you sound very adult like. 

7. Drive a motorcycle

I’m sure your parents will find a way to stop you no matter what. 

8. Roadtrip with your besties

It’s all fun and games until you run out of money and call your parents to pick you up. 

9. Go skydiving

They’ll find a way to stop you again. 

10. Buy a lottery ticket

Wasting $2 always seemed like a fantastic idea. 

11. Buy a pet

Too much responsibility for an 18 year old. 

12. Change your name

Pretty sure your parents will continue to call you by your original name. 

13. Go to a R-rated movie

Don’t scream like a little girl. 

14. Go to music festivals

But be home by 10:00 pm. 

15. You don’t need your parents signatures anymore

You still have to ask them for permission. 

16.  You can donate blood

Be careful not to pass out. 

17.  You can buy an M-rated video game

You’ll be having nightmares over it regardless. 


Image from https://www.egypttoday.com/Article/6/54090/For-parents-ways-to-deal-with-teenagers

Buy an airplane ticket

Trying to leave your house with a giant suitcase totally doesn’t look suspicious.