The Last Steps of High School

Victoria Tzanev, Reporter


Image via NYULocal

The moment we walked our first steps into high school it was almost as if we started a marathon filled with stress, laughter, tears, and lifelong memories all at the same time, and graduation was the finish line. 

“I expect this last semester to be the most memorable because it’s going to be one of the last times I’m ever going to see some of these people ever again, so you have to make the most of the time you have left,” Shahirah Niaz, a senior at MRHS, openly admits. 

Beginning senior year, we think “hey, this is my last year, I’m used to the pace, I can do this,” until we get slapped across the face with a giant metal pan called senioritis. 

But seniors, we are halfway finished with the school year, as we finished up first semester and now we begin our last semester, it’s evident that most of us are starting to shut down. 

Andrea Gallegos, another senior, shares, “senioritis hit me the second senior year started. It’s been hard to care when we’re so close to graduating.”

There are many reasons as to why we should continue to do our school work and keep ourselves awake in class. 

First off, in order to graduate you must continue to pass all your classes and not think that you have every right to slack off, because THAT IS NOT TRUE! You’ve gone through the first three years of high school, you don’t want to add another year by throwing it all away because the tower of papers on your desk is growing. Grades still MATTER!

“Things definitely got more difficult this semester compared to last semester, mostly due to a bunch of stuff just stacking up left and right.” Abbhinav Jayaraman, a senior, admits. “Despite this, this semester has been okay overall, balanced out by having fun in my extracurricular activities and off-time.”

As we topple through the final semester, we’re also receiving college acceptances and starting to decide where we’re going after high school. Not many students realize that acceptances can be revoked due to disciplinary actions, such as suspensions, or significant grade drops. So keep in mind, seniors, as you receive those giant packets saying, “congratulations, you’re in,” you can easily get a letter revoking that packet away from you. 

However, grades aren’t the only reason why you should keep your head up in school. The friends you’ve made ever since the first day in kindergarten, or during any school year, are what make you remember high school the most. 

“[My friends] became a sort of second family, and I hope to keep in touch with them even as we all go our separate ways, whether it be to trade school, college, or even military service.” Jayaraman says. 

It’s hard to believe that some of us will never see each other again. Spending four years with the same faces around you through one of our hardest times in our lives, then all of a sudden it’s all gone and it’s new faces and new stories walking right next to us. But some way and somehow, we all come back together again, whether it’s a reunion, bumped into each other at the store, or even a random thought pops into your head about them, the class of 2020 will forever be together, and nothing can change that. 

“I’ve acknowledged by now that we’re all going our separate ways in life but I have faith that the bonds we’ve formed will always bring us back together by the special years we’ve spent,” Andres Villada, a senior, opens up. “Personally, I’m more excited to see how everyone ends up and what they become.”

There’s so many things in store for us this last semester, such as prom, senior field trip, senior chill out, graduation, and so much more. Time is running out, Mavs, so make the most of it before it’s too late. 

I just wanna be more social and talk to more people I know, but never been close with, since after high school I probably won’t see most [people] again,” Gallegos says. 

“I look forward to all the events planned out though in the future like the Senior Trip, Prom, and graduation to melt those stresses away and just enjoy my last semester with my friends for what it is,” Villada also shares. 

It’s crazy to think how in a couple of years we may or may not be doing whatever we originally planned to do in high school. Every single one of us has a dream in place, and the best part is that they’re all so unique and special, it’s what makes you, you.

“After high school I plan on going to lone star community college for 2 years to get my basics and decide what aspect of business I want to major in,” Niaz shares. 

“I plan on double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics in either UT, UH, or Rice,” Villada explains. “Wherever I go I hope to land an internship at a large tech company and gain experience under my belt to hopefully one day make my own start-up.”

“Future plans after [high school] include going to college and majoring in fashion design,” Gallegos said. 

“I want to further my skills in technology and get involved in its development, and college seems to be the best path towards achieving that,” Jayaraman admits. “I still don’t know exactly what that entails, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out along the way.”

The final semester in high school is an entire roller coaster ride even without the previous three years. You are hit with the worst case of senioritis and start to realize that classmates around you, that you laugh and share homework answers with, you may never see them again. 

Villada couldn’t have said it better, “I expect the unexpected. There’s simply such a large variety of ways that it could play out with so many significant events going on all at once. What I do expect however is that it’ll be a semester that I’ll remember as I look forward to seeing what occurs when it comes to competitions, student life and everything that’s involved in the transition period from the end of school to graduation.”

There’s so much in store for us, Mavs. Don’t ruin it by tanking your grades or disregarding the fun events or friends. Take a leap of faith and tackle any obstacle that stands in your way. Be the future, and lead on a path for the future seniors. 

And a message to our juniors, “Don’t expect senior year to be like a breeze like everyone says. It might not be as stressful as junior year but it’s still stressful at same time don’t forget to enjoy your last moments of high school,” Niaz shares.