Express Yourself: Expression Through Creativity 

Kayley Swedlund, Reporter

Art – in its most expansive definition – contains all forms of creative expression. And creativity can be seen as one of the most effective forces in the world and in our lives. It is creativity which points us to new paths, new ways of seeing and solving, and which offers us inspiration from both the inside and the outside. Creative expression is rooted in the capacities for observation, discovery, imagination, and courage. Those who dive deeply into a commitment to creative expression make their whole lives a canvas or a blank page onto which their hearts are poured…and our life is made better because of it.

Creative experiences can help people express and cope with their feelings. Someone’s creative activity can show other people around them  learn more about what that person may be thinking of.

Expressive arts bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind. When we put our mental process into a physical form, we feel more in control of our thoughts and feelings, and we understand them more clearly. We can’t always explain an emotion using logic.


I believe that for a lot of us, as we grow older, censor our creativity as we begin to conform to social referencing, often as a means of fitting in and surviving. We go to school and we don’t want to stand out for doing something different or noticeable. 

Some of us become scared to freely express ourselves due to not wanting others to judge us, which then leads on to judging ourselves and making decisions based on what we think someone else would approve of. I suppose at this point, a lot of us forget our creativity simply because we don’t want someone to look at us in the wrong way. 

But expression should not be dismissed and forgotten, especially for people in the stages of growing up like we are. For some people, any form of expression can be used as a form of freedom, or as a stress reliever, or just something that helps them deal with the feelings, instead of using words to explain what they’re feeling. 


So as this is going to be the last edition for  Express Yourself, I would like to say that there will always be outlets available to you whenever you need to cope with your feelings. Drawing, writing, playing music or really anything to where you can manipulate to where it shows what you’re feeling, is one of the many ways in this world where you can express yourself.