Brianna Rangel: Being a Belle


“I can dance all day in my room by myself, but being on stage or being on that field, it gives me a feeling I will never forget. Being able to provide the entertainment and being a part of something so big is what makes it special to me,” said Brianna Rangel, senior and Lt. Col. for the Maverick Belles. 

Brianna has been apart of the Belles dance team for three years now, where she’s held an officer position for the last two years.

“I only started dancing a year before I tried out for [the] JV [dance team],” Rangel shared. “It kinda just unraveled and I fell in love with it, so I kept working hard everyday to get to where im at.”

Watching Rangel on the field or on stage, it’s hard to believe that she’s only been dancing for roughly about five years. Witnessing her perform, it’s obvious that she has a true love and passion for it.

“[I love] how sometimes it can be really challenging and it pushes me out of my comfort zone,” Rangel said. “Belles has helped me work on [a better version] myself, so it has shaped me into the person I am.”

Explaining why she loves dancing so much explains the smile on her face as she performs, as well. Rangel dedicates much of her day to practicing and dancing in order to deliver everything she has for her audience. 

“My favorite part about dancing is the performing aspect. The last time we performed at our football game [I realized] I’m never going to [perform] here anymore, so I highly value the performance aspect,” she said. 

Rangel also shared what inspired her to join Belles in the first place: her family and the legacy they have marked on the Morton Ranch Belles team. 

“My cousin was on the first line of Belles and my whole family was infatuated by it, because we really didn’t know about American culture, especially Texas [culture]. So our family was always invested in the Belles,” Rangel added. “And my sister was on the JV [dance team], so seeing her perform made me want to perform.”

The Belles schedule starts in the summer, filled summer camps and kid camps- where they host dance clinics for children- then moves onto football season and their spectacular halftime performances. After football season, then they begin to prepare for competition season, concluding with performances and shows for their audience.

 It’s obvious that the Belles have a very busy school year filled with non-stop practices and fun activities. So speaking to Rangel, she shared one of the things she looks forward to experiencing this year in Belles. 

“I’m looking forward to the senior recognitions,” she said. “By being a Belle for the last two years I’ve seen all the seniors get recognized and see them get to where they got, so I’m excited to experience that [as well].” 

Rangel even added one of her favorite memories she experienced with her team from two years ago. 

“My favorite memory has to be my first year in Belles, when we won grand champions at our first competition. It was very shocking, because it was my first year. I was just a line member; I didn’t know what was really happening my first year. But winning the overall competition was such a great experience to be a part of,” she explained.

It’s obvious that her time as a Morton Ranch Belle is slowly starting to close as we begin to approach the end of the year, but she doesn’t plan to quit dancing forever. She’s looking at other colleges and universities drill teams and plans to try out wherever she ends up. 

“For awhile I wasn’t actually thinking about [pursuing a dancing career],” Rangel admitted. “But after finishing our last football game I realized I’m going to miss this a lot, so I’m looking at drill teams and pom squads in [different] colleges and universities, like the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas Woman’s University and University of Houston.”

Rangel’s love and passion for the Belles team and dancing is evident. And it’s more than her; the Belles all motivate and help each other out to always make sure the audience is in awe. No matter who’s watching the Belles perform, everyone has a smile on their face as they witness the best kicks in Katy.