Karen Tseng and Her Superpowers


Karen Tseng is one of the most involved students here at the Ranch. 

Varsity orchestra, Academic Decathlon, AP Ambassador, Science National Honor Society (SNHS), Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society (NHS) are just some of the extracurricular activities Tseng is involved in. Along with juggling all AP classes and really high grades, Tseng, who is a senior, doesn’t allow anything to slip from her hands and always makes sure to stay on top of her game. 

“I’m the president of AP Ambassadors, SNHS and Mu Alpha Theta,” she added. “I also do Kung Fu outside of school.”

Tseng handles all AP classes on her plate, but she doesn’t let the workload get to her and stop her from enjoying her extracurricular activities, spending time with friends, or even affect her high grades. Watching her answer each question in AP biology with great confidence or in AP World History two years ago, Tseng never falls behind on her work or studies. 

Not only that, but people around her also notice her hard work as well. Students and teachers often compliment and praise the work she puts into school everyday. She receives awards and prizes quite often because of it. One of the accomplishments she holds in highest regard are her victories in Academic Decathlon.

“I’ve been apart of the team for the past two years, and I have been the highest scoring member,” she said. “My proudest achievement is being the first Maverick to break a score of 9000 in Academic Decathlon during my state competition sophomore year.”

In one of her most recent Academic Decathlon meets, Tseng placed 4th in Literature and Art, 2nd in Science, 1st in Economics and 5th overall at her competition. She is currently ranked second in the State of Texas.

“I was finally able to get into the top-five highest scoring honors for the first time ever. I’ve been trying for the past three years, and this year I finally got it,” Tseng shared. “Currently, my goal is to break every single record that I set for Academic Decathlon during the past two years and also break 9000 again. I’ve already broken one [so far].” 

While witnessing her working swiftly and diligently during the day, whether it’s studying hard for a test, staying after school practicing on her violin, or going to academic decathlon during focus to prepare for her upcoming meets, it’s quite obvious to see that she takes her goals and priorities very seriously and doesn’t allow herself to get sidetracked. 

One of the things she is currently conquering are college applications and scholarships. She plans to apply to three major universities and major in computer science.  

“I plan to go to UT-Austin, but I also want to see if Berkley or Cornell will accept me,” she explained. “I plan to do computer science, because it is one of my favorite classes in school.”

Tseng also shares her plans after college as well.

“I want to get into AI, which means artificial intelligence,” Tseng said. “[Those are] programs that let the computer think for itself.”

Tseng is one of the hardest working Mavericks. She’s involved in so many things inside and outside of school, and she is able to accomplish everything and anything that comes in her way. It’s no surprise as to why everyone speaks so highly about her, and why she won “biggest brain” for the class of 2020.