DIY: Last Minute Halloween Costumes

DIY: Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a holiday meant for all ages, whether you plan on trick-or-treating or attending a Halloween costume party. But costumes need to be planned in advance or else you’ll be scrambling to get something together, especially since Halloween is less than a week away.

It’s easy for high school students to forget planning for Halloween until the very last minute, and some decide they want to dress up that morning. So what are you going to do with an extremely limited budget and not much time?

Well don’t worry, friends. Here are three last minute and low budget costumes you could whip up in a matter of minutes:

Cereal killer

Items needed:

  • Empty cereal box
  • Red markers or red paint
  • Safety scissors
  • Plastic knife 
  • String

Poke holes in the top corners of the box and lead string through the holes. Tie the ends together so that the box can hang around your neck like a necklace.

Create holes of varying shapes and sizes in the empty cereal box using scissors. Then, apply red markers or paint around the wounds to make it look like stab wounds. Don’t forget random streaks and splatters, so it doesn’t look controlled. Then, paint or color the knife to make it look like you used the knife to stab the box.

Hang the box around your neck and wear your best creepy smile!

A formal apology

Items needed

  • Fanciest clothes in your closet
  • Cardboard
  • Black marker

For this costume, take a reasonably sized piece of cardboard and write “I’m sorry” with the black marker. Put on your best formal clothes and go as a formal apology for not being prepared!

Bulletin board

Items needed

  • Brown shirt
  • Pot-it notes

Stick various post-it notes on your shirt with written messages and reminders. This is simple and perfect for every costume procrastinator.

When in doubt, there’s always Google.