Coach Tefft: Journey to the Ranch


Witnessing Coach Tefft swiftly working throughout her day during her second year here at Morton Ranch, one may think she’s a superhero in disguise as you see her handling two sports at the same time while teaching English. In reality, she is a courageous and diligent woman who is able to handle and to execute anything that is thrown at her. 

But her journey to Morton Ranch was a long one that had some turns that one may not expect. 

“In high school I wanted to be a nurse,” Tefft said. 

Entering into Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Tefft initially majored in nursing, but later on she came to the realization that it wasn’t the major for her, so she decided to change it. 

“I changed it to teaching, and it felt right,” she admitted. 

During college, Tefft also played for the softball team, which is what mainly inspired her to become a coach as well.  

“I always knew if I was going to teach I wanted to coach as well, and it has always been something I’ve done,” she said.

Tefft aspired to become an English teacher, because of the connections and relationships she is able to build with her students and the real-life lessons she can help teach them. 

“It’s one of the only subjects that I can bring literature and discuss real world issues with students,” she explained. “It’s also one of the only subjects that I get to read my kiddos’ writing and learn about what’s going on in their lives. It’s such a great avenue to get to build relationships with them.” 

Right after college, Tefft was offered her first teaching job at Veterans Memorial High School in Corpus Christi. 

“I taught there for two years,” Tefft said. “The students I worked with at Corpus Christi needed school; they didn’t have as much positivity at home. It helped shaped me into becoming a better teacher.” 

Later on, Tefft was then offered a job at Morton Ranch to be an English II teacher and the coach for the girls cross country and softball team. She was initially raised in Houston, so she knew coming back home was the right decision for her.  

Being an English teacher and the softball coach was exactly what Tefft wanted when she first decided to be a teacher, but becoming the cross country coach was something she did not expect that could happen. 

“[Becoming the cross country coach] kinda got handed to me,” Tefft admitted. “But I took it and ran with it.” 

It didn’t take long for Tefft to fall in love with her second coaching position at Morton Ranch, as well as her team. Seeing her strong bond and relationship she has with every single person on the cross country team proves how dedicated she is to being the best coach and person for them. 

Taking her first steps into life at Morton Ranch two years ago, Tefft did not know what to expect. She was worried that maybe it would be similar to how it was at the previous high school she worked at, but she was proven wrong and grew in love and comfort for her job, coworkers, students and Maverick pride. 

“There are two things I love equally here [at Morton Ranch],” Tefft began to explain. “I love the relationships that I have with other teachers and coaches. There is a big support system here. And I also love the relationship I have with students and my athletes, a lot of them trust me and talk to me.” 

Tefft had a long journey coming to Morton Ranch, from majoring in nursing to teaching in Corpus Christi, but she found the road leading here. By seeing the strong friendships and relationships she has with students and teachers, many can mistaken that she’s been here for more than two years. 

But whether it has been two or 20 years here at the Ranch, Tefft has a real passion for coaching and teaching, as well as an emphasis for being there for her students. Superhero or a regular teacher, Coach Tefft is making a difference.