Spooky Season: Spooky but fun places to visit this Halloween


With 10 days left until Halloween, it’s that time of year where people can eat loads of candy and dress up as Guy Fieri without being judged. 

But the month of Halloween is much more than tricking or treating and finding an excuse to start singing songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas. There are a bunch of places in and around Katy that are just as fun as getting candy, depending on how well you can take getting scared multiple times in a dark, closed-off room. 

The Texas Renaissance Festival 

Not quite Halloween-related, but in the spirit of Fall, the Texas Renaissance Festival in Houston is worth visiting this time of year. The annual festival will through October and November. It may cost a bit of money, but it’s fun going there to see all the cool stuff vendors are selling, to see performers and if you stay long enough you can see a firework show at the end of the day. 

Haunted Houses

Of course I was going to put some haunted houses on the list. The REDRUM haunted house in Richmond is worth considering. The REDRUM Haunted House features live music along with three unique attractions, which include Cinegore, Twisted Circus 3D and the Deadwood Asylum. All attractions have had major upgrades and new twists and turns that will leave you crying. But I would recommend bringing a group with you, so you can hug each other as you’re walking through the house. 

Spooky Museum Exhibits

If you are genuinely interested in all of the creepy stuff that goes with this spooky holiday, you can go to the National Museum of Funeral History that opened up the Dracula Cemetery Exhibition in Houston. It might be far away, but the Dracula Cemetery Exhibit details the life and death of the real Count Dracula, infamous for his insatiable cruelty. Cheesy as it is, you can get a picture of yourself in a coffin and you can wear fangs and a cape as well. The event also has a haunted house, a Halloween car show and Day of the Dead celebration.

Ghost Tours

If you’re interested in the paranormal, Houston Ghost Tours guides you through Hermann Park, recalling the history of the Civil War cemetery that once laid underneath the park and other stories. You can learn about the ghosts who haunt the Houston Zoo, the hospital and the museum district of Houston. Tours will be available everyday in October.

Haunted High

Or if you want to do something a lot closer to home, Morton Ranch High School’s theatre, band and Student Council are hosting a Halloween event at the school on October 25 and 26. The Maverick Theatre Company will be opening up their haunted house Friday and Saturday, and on Oct. 26 you can grab a pumpkin and paint it with the Student Council on campus at their Halloween Festival.

There are plenty of options in and around the Houston area. Time to get spooky!