Review: “She Kills Monsters” Killed It

I was contemplating on not going to the play hours before the evening show was scheduled to go on. It was a Saturday, and my plan was to sit around and de-stress from band and all of my classes at the same time. 

“It’s just a show,’ I thought to myself. “There’s going to be more, right?” 

But nevertheless, I did want to write a review about the play, because I heard it was really good. Plus, if the play was about playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons (although I never played it) I figured it and hour and a half of my time wouldn’t hurt, so I ended up attending the play. 

Now that I have seen it, I think I would have regretted skipping the play. I thought it would be only about Dungeons and Dragons, but it was so much more. 

For all the unfortunate people who were unable to watch the performance, the play was titled “She Kills Monsters” and was set in 1995, where the term “nerd’ was used as an insult and looked down upon. The main character Agnus, a teacher at a school who lost her younger sister, Tilly, in a tragic car accident, decided to play a game of D&D. This was a game that Tilly loved to play, and a game that Agnus called strange. In that one game, Agnus learned so much more about her whacky, eccentric, little sister than she thought she knew. 

I’m not going to write a summary about the play, because that’s a lot of names I’m going to mess up, but I will just say it was an awesome performance. It was funny, interesting and a very smooth story to follow with an overall message that stuck with me after I walked out of the school to go home. 

Putting aside the fact the our Maverick Theatre Company absolutely nailed the presentation of the play, I loved how devoted the cast and crew was to make the entire performance one to remember. I have always held a lot of respect for MTC. All of these students constantly stay after school to rehearse, to build the props, to memorize lines and cues. Then after the final performance, they pack it all up and start the next show.

As someone who is in band, I want our last time performing our show to be the best one. I want the long, grueling hours outside, the long bus rides and all the sunburns while we were on the practice field to show in our last time performing our marching show. 

I witness their efforts come together in their last performance, so I was able to see on their faces that they were all proud of all the hard work that went into making it amazing. And the show was just that.