Setting Goals in the New School Year

Diego Hernandez, Reporter

The new school year has finally arrived whether students are ready or not, despite the anticipation and even possible fear.

As we jump back in, students may be setting their goals for the new year. Whether academic or personal, these goals are strictly designed out of the hope to grow and to succeed at Morton Ranch in the coming academic year. 

According to Statistic Brain, 45 percent of Americans usually set goals of some sort. Whether or not these goals are met are another story. Only 8 percent of people reach these goals.

It is stated that it is better to plan out goals for long term success, but goals need to be smart, meaning they need to be specific and thought out.

An example of this comes from Logan Cribley (11), who has high aspirations for the way this school year is going to play out.

“I hope to strive to make new friends and generally just open up in most social aspects,” Cribley said.

He said that school can be overwhelming and intimidating, but he hopes to be optimistic about his classes and that through projects and the overall environment in them he’ll be able to build connections with new people.

Shannon O’Quinn (11) has a different set of goals in mind. She said she aims to have a better grade point average and to learn how to manage her time better. She hopes to support this goal by managing her time. She said this will allow her to place more effort into her studies and manage what’s more challenging from the less important assignments.

For Joseph Gamez (10) his only main ambition for the future is to be able to drive, something that he hopes to achieve through drive times and passing his driving test.

We are currently three weeks into the new school year, and with it new challenges are set to come our way. A new year gives us a brand new start to reinvent ourselves and to break through old boundaries.

It’s not too late to set goals for the year ahead. And if we want to break the of 8-percent success rate in achieving our goals, time to start now.  

Here are some tips for goal setting:

  1. Create Strong Enough Reasons Behind Your Goals
  2. Develop Steps to Achieve What You Want
  3. Take Action
  4. Manage, Track and Adjust as You Go