Senior Quotes

We know you wish senior quotes were in the yearbook. Since we don’t do that, we asked some seniors what their quotes would be:

  1. Madelyn Robledo “SeniOR YEar iS yOuR yEaR.”
  2. Thomas Walters “All the hard work was worth it in the end.”
  3. Kristen Guillen “I’m going to be famous.”
  4. Laura Solis “I was late, but at least I came to school.”
  5. Carolina Valenzuela “rAWR xD”
  6. Victoria Alvarado “Mama, I made it.”
  7. Alexandra Rizzo “You can’t just dream it; you have to do it.”
  8. Hannah Jezierski “Work diligently, and you can do it.”
  9. Sean Free “I ain’t worried about you.”
  10. Jada Mceachern “It be like that sometimes.”
  11. Angelina Peterson “Times get tough, but you can do it.”
  12. Gisselle Dorantes “Have high hopes and big cheeks.”
  13. Lorran Pereira “The universe does not have laws; it has habits. And habits can be broken.”
  14. Briana Mize “Stay true to yourself.”
  15. Jorge Ramirez “To live is to suffer.”
  16. Hailey Stafford “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”
  17. Andrea Mendoza “If there’s a will, there’s a way. If there’s a quizlet, there’s an A.”
  18. Keivencia Dougé “Someone I loved gave me a box of darkness, but it turns out it was a gift.”
  19. Aysia Burrell “Life is just a game full of cheat codes.”
  20. Matthew Caruso “Yeah, school is pretty cool.”
  21. Logan Zepeda “My phone screen is brighter than my future.”
  22. Lathan Salinas “If it’s a deal you’re chasing, exit I-10 and Mason, to Don McGill Toyota of Katy.”