Express Yourself: The importance of individuality

Society is forever changing, moving forward.

Everyone is seeking to be distinguishable from any other person, to create the next best thing or to be the best version of themselves. Everyone strives to be different, to stand out or to find themselves.

No one wants to be apart of the crowd; everyone wants to be their own person. In a society, one is expected to comply to the masses, where maintaining an individuality becomes an onerous and heavy task. There is one type of person who merely follows the crowd and there is another type of person who strives to lead the way, never following a predetermined path and to be their own person.

Students have a lot of people pressuring them to fit in and to be something that they aren’t even sure of themselves. We are still growing teenagers. Students become afraid to express themselves, because others may not agree or may make fun of them. It affects the way people look at each other and definitely how they look at themselves. What makes that one person special from the rest is how they express their individuality.

“Fitting in” is a big barrier that stops someone from expressing their individuality. Students may want to think the only way to express themselves is to be in a group of people who are similar to them in the way that they dress, the hobbies they keep and what they think. The normal high school stereotypes limit people on who they can be.

One thing that I say and will always say is that your happiness comes first, above grades, college and sometimes friends (though I am not encouraging you to flunk your classes and leave your friends). I constantly tell my friends to focus on themselves before anyone and anything else.

Your way of creativity, your mindset and your ideas are your own, and it’s certainly not connected to a beehive. So if finding who you are will make you feel better about expressing yourself, then just do that: express yourself. Nothing will stop you if you want to stand out.

Those who see the success of an individual with a unique idea are often inspired to pursue their own endeavors.

We are Morton Ranch High School, one of the most diverse schools in the district. There are tons of people who go to this school from all walks of life.

We can be inspired leaders who encourage other people to be their own person, to strive to be different and to be leaders. Our leadership comes from being our own individuals, not being afraid but bold in our pursuits.

There is no one group that leads this school. All of the students, the faculty, the people of Morton Ranch High School do.

We are all one of a kind, and we just need to show it.