The Struggle Is Real: Senioritis

Senioritis, we all feel it.

We’re down to the last few weeks of school. AP tests and finals are on the horizon. We’re ready to move on and start the next chapter of our lives. You find yourself daydreaming about summer in class, and the snooze button is more and more frequently pressed when you try to wake up in the morning.

Senioritis is hitting everyone hard, and some of our 2019 seniors shared how they’re coping or feeling in their final days of high school.

Oscar Granillo

“It’s been about three weeks since I realized that I’ve been affected by it. I cope with it by doing the work I have to do little by little. I am very behind in my classes right now. Senioritis hit me very hard as soon as this last six weeks started, and everything started finishing up. I had no motivation to work, so it’s affected me very badly.”

Iliana Wessel

“I noticed that I contracted senioritis in the fifth six weeks of senior year. My grades overall have come up, but individually they’ve gone down, all except soccer. I cope with it by making sure that I finish out the year strong and try to make my parents at least proud of me accomplishing that.”

Triston Harris

“When we got back and started our final year of high school I realized I had it. I don’t even really pay attention to it. It’s not hard for me to handle unless I’m really tired. It hasn’t affected me besides the fact that I’m getting old.”

Lizbeth Rojas

“Since last week, because I’ve been leaving all my homework for last minute. I can barely cope with it, because I have so many things going through my head. And it’s kind of difficult to catch up with homework, because teachers keep adding more work on top of that. It hasn’t affected me too badly, and I hope it doesn’t get worse.”

Lathan Salinas

“I realized I had senioritis around Christmas time, and I don’t really do anything to cope with it. I embrace it. It isn’t hard for me to keep up, not in the slightest. I literally don’t care at all, because it’s basically impossible for me to not graduate at this point.”

Seyerra Mata

“I’ve been dealing with senioritis since probably the beginning of January. I cope with it by sleeping a lot, because why not? Senior year is almost over anyway. It’s affected me by creating more of a stack of papers than I already had before.”

Darian Johannsen

“Senioritis didn’t hit me until about a month ago. It wasn’t until a lot of projects, assignments and other things came about that I felt that I didn’t want to do what was needed of me. Procrastination has been awful for me, especially in the whole college process. Start early, kids!”

Stephen Heller

“Senioritis hit me at the beginning of senior year, but after spring break it really set in. I have almost no motivation to go to school, much less work. I don’t really cope with it. I wait until the last minute for every assignment, and even then I still don’t turn in a lot. It isn’t hard for me to keep up, because I’m not trying to keep up. If they surpass me then so be it. My grades have plummeted, and I’ve gotten more stressed, but not stressed enough to stop.”

The slump is hitting everyone this time of year, but there’s still more to go. It’s important to not get burnt out and to try to curb the malaise of senioritis.

Here are some things you can do to try to fight senioritis in these last few weeks:

  1. Make a list to prioritize what you need to do between now and graduation.
  2. Set aside time to do things little by little. Don’t overwhelm yourself if you can avoid it. That’s how things don’t get completed.
  3. Take time for yourself to enjoy the last moments of high school. Your peace of mind is important, but so is not failing your classes.
  4. Ask for help when you can. Your peers and teachers want you to succeed and end the year on a good note.
  5. Focus on the present and not summer, otherwise the next few weeks are going to drag on. It will be here before you know it, but we all have to take care of our business first.

If you’re not feeling senioritis, consider yourself lucky. And either way, let’s enjoy the rest of our year, seniors. It’s all coming to an end.