College Decisions

As the year draws to a close, many of us have already made life-changing decisions about our future and the path we will be taking after high school. The students mentioned below are just a few of those who have done just that and are taking control of their lives and seizing new opportunities.

Isaac Lozano: “I am going to Lone Star, because J. D. Coker told me that, ‘You don’t want to be in debt’. I took that to heart and Lone Star seemed like the right place to start. After that, I plan to transfer to UT and go into a good career.”

Elder Recinos: “I am going to Texas Women’s, because it is cheap and I can get a decent education there. It is a co-ed school with higher women to male ratio. They have a biochemistry program that I am joining, and they have a medical school nearby.”

Thomas Walters: “I am attending University of Austin. I am going there, because I love Austin. I’ve been a fan my whole life. It’s also the school I want to go to get a degree in environmental engineering, so we will see how this goes. I’d love to work at an engineering firm and do something with my life.”

Alyssa Romo: “I am going to Texas State University and majoring in psychology. I want to further my career in psychology. After some research, I noticed that it is one of the best in Texas for my major. It’s also about 30 to 60 minutes between San Antonio and Austin, which is great because I have family in both places.

Desiree Velazquez: “I am attending Our Lady of the Lake University. I am going there to major in kinesiology. I plan to pursue my career by becoming a physical therapist later on. I am also going there on a soccer athletic scholarship.”

Angelina Petterson: “I’m going to Texas A&M Corpus Christi. I’m going in for my master’s in marine biology. I really want to be a marine biologist, because the ocean is dying. I want to help the environment. I’ve always wanted to do this since I was little, and I’m getting the chance. Corpus Christi has a great program, because it’s right off the coast. They actually built a new building for science and engineering.”

Savannah Brewster: “I’m going to LSU next Fall for journalism. My goal is to become a photographer after I graduate and going to LSU is gonna help me achieve that goal.”

Juan Pablo Guinazu Ramos: “I’m going to HCC first to study culinary. After I finish getting my associate’s degree, I’m going to U of H for my bachelor’s in hospitality and management, so I can open up my own restaurant. I wanna do that, because I’ve always liked cooking. I’ve always wanted to own my own restaurant.”

Lizette Castillo: “I chose to go to Texas State, because it has a really good program for criminal justice. When I grow up, I want to be a homicide detective and work for HPB. It seems like a fun school to go to, it really spoke to me, and I liked the atmosphere.”

Andy Majano.: “I’m going to Texas A&M. The reason I’m going to Texas A&M is because they gave me a scholarship; I basically got a full ride. I’m just happy to get this opportunity, because it’s going to help me pursue my goals to become an engineer. I want to be an environmental engineer, so I can go to third world countries and help improve their way of life.”

Maria Alvarez: “I’m going to University of Texas at Austin. I want to go there, because both of my siblings went there. I saw how much it helped them become what they wanted to be in the future. It’s gonna help push me and expose me to new things and new experiences. I want to do social work, so I want to help the community, work with children and stuff like that.”

Nawaf Abulhaija: “I’m going to the University of Houston main campus, and I’m going to pursue a career in mechanical engineering, so I can work with prosthetics; that’s a dream of mine. I’m going to UH, because it’s cheaper, it’s close, and they have really good engineering programs.”

Laura Gonzalez: “I’m planning on attending Sam Houston State University this Fall. I chose this school, because they have a beautiful campus and a beautiful nursing program. I’m planning on majoring in nursing, getting a BSN, and I really feel like the environment. It is super cooperative, and everyone gets along with each other. They also have like a bunch of living communities, so they ensure that you succeed and that was really important for me. It’s also not too far from home but far enough to venture out on my own and grow independently.”