Songs For Your School Year

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As we wrap-up the school year, we asked teachers which songs they thought best encapsulated their school year.

These are their answers:

Mr. Wood

Songs: “We Are The Champions” by Queen & “Hakuna Matata” from “The Lion King”

“This song talks about paying your dues and making mistakes, which I have. Morton Ranch Mavericks are the champions… and my friends. So this song represents my time in MRHS as I reflect on this past year – and all of my years before I transfer to Paetow. I also chose Hakuna Matata, because everyone’s been very stressed out when this year should be stress free.”

Mrs. Pfile

Album: “The Fast And The Furious Soundtrack”

“I mainly chose this because of the title,” she laughs. “Because this year went by so quickly, but we all got through it furiously.”

Mr. Lopez

Album: “The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place” by Explosions in the Sky

“I’d say the album is more of an emotional rollercoaster. It starts off very hopeful, then a little despairing, then hopeful again at the end, much like this year.”

Mr. Conrad

Album: “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” by Greta Van Fleet

“Some songs on this album, but mostly the first one, are about a man’s search for meaning. This is their second album that’s about the band striving to be better, like how I’m a teacher trying to be better too. It’s also my second year teaching, so I can relate to it a lot.”

Mr. Poland

Album: “Ritual de lo Habitual” by Jane’s Addiction

“Some parts of the album are fast paced, some are slow. It’s weird. It’s been a weird year.”

Mr. Reaves

Song: “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison

“It represents this year, because well, all things must pass.”

Mr. McFarland

Song: “Rattle and Hum” by U2

“It just keeps you going.”

Mr. Tollison

Song: “I Want To Break Free” by Queen

“I chose this song, because I am looking forward to summer much more than I usually am.”

Ms. Herron

Song: “A Whole New World” from the movie “Aladdin”

“I feel like teaching is it’s own world. I feel excited, because I love connecting with my students; there’s a lot of energy and it’s dynamic. Art is such a positive thing for students and myself, and this song is about falling in love with a new world. My art class is that for me.”

Mrs. Gonzalez

Song: “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

“This year was all about a fresh start and a clean slate. It’s been one of my best teaching years yet. Cheers to fresh starts.”

Mrs. Palmer

Song: “Sky Blue Sky” by Wilco

“It’s a really good song. And Jeff Tweedy, the singer and guitarist of the band, lost his mom when he wrote this, and that’s why I can relate to it this year.”

Mr. Duncan

Song: “The Party’s Over” by Willie Nelson

“This song describes an end to a good thing, like a breakup almost. I always think of this song at the end of the school year, because the end of a great year.”

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