Hopes for Houston Sports

Jose Altuve takes a pitch.


Jose Altuve takes a pitch.

Almost two years have passed since Houston faced the excitement of winning a championship, and we are itching for more.

Houston sport teams are dreadfully known for doing really good in the regular season but falling short in the playoffs. The teams either suffer from season ending injuries or just the incapability of handling the tremendous pressure that the playoffs hold.

Take the Rockets for example: the team breaks records and shows off their chemistry with each other, having us excited for a good championship run, yet one of Houston’s stars, James Harden, will drag the team down with his need to keep shooting when his shot is not landing. It’s a hard cycle to watch, and hopefully the team will finally prevail with this playoff run.

But spirits are high after the Rockets took game one against the Utah Jazz. Hopefully this will be a quick series, so the team could get quality rest for a long battle to the finals.

The Texans are considered to be one of the best teams to dominate in the southern division in the AFC, but they could be hit or miss at times. With young quarterback Deshaun Watson behind center and a young core to back him up, the bright lights of the Super Bowl might be in the horizon but maybe not with Coach O’Brien.

Entering their sixth season together, expectations are high and the destination is set for the Super Bowl. The offseason starts later this July with training camp, and the players are set for a promising season picking up where they left off.

It has been almost two years since the Astros won the World Series and the long journey that took them there. Houston hasn’t felt that type of electricity since the Rockets went back to back in ‘94 and ‘95. Now after a hard and humbling season, the Astros aim to take the championship back home. Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa are finally healthy and, after looking at the past couple games, are back in business with some home runs and good defensive plays under their belts.

The Astros sweeped the No. 1 Seattle Mariners, in which Jose Altuve continued his home run derby, along with the pitching staff taking numerous strikeouts and having really good outings.

Hayden Reeves, a senior here at Morton Ranch, shared his thoughts on the Astros chances this year.

“Well, we are off to a rough start, but we have had a few injuries, so I think we’ll pick up and probably have a similar outcome to last year,” he said.

Houston has high hopes, and expectations are high, too. Anything can happen, so it’s best to support and show out for your hometown.