Senior Year Bucket List


As our four years in high school come to a close, decisions are made, last moments become memories and everyone is prepared for their hardest goodbyes. However, the year is not over yet so keep those tears in until the very end!

  1. Prom

It’s no secret that prom night is one of the most memorable and important nights of senior year. The dance itself is exciting and fun, but the preparation leading up to the big night is unbeatable. Grab your besties and hit the town to find your perfect dresses and suits and make a whole day of it. And don’t forget to enjoy every moment of the evening once the big night is here!

  1. Senior Pictures

One of the best ways to say farewell to your high school memories is taking your senior pictures. The best part of taking your senior pictures is that it is up to you and your loved ones on how you would like to capture your senior year; what you wear, where you take them, what poses you do, it is up to you. Don’t miss out on capturing your precious moment of being a high school graduate.

  1.    Friend Dates

One of the best things about high school is the amazing, and for some cases, lifelong friends you make. One of the worst parts about saying goodbye is going your separate ways from the friends you shared your life with everyday for years. So don’t miss out on the little moments: go on a little road trip, go on study dates after school, throw spontaneous sleepovers. Enjoy the people that made high school a little more memorable before it’s time to go your separate ways.

  1. Learn to Cook

Moving on to college can be kind of tough because of how independent you have to be, so it wouldn’t hurt to watch some Rachael Ray and get down in the kitchen. Well maybe not that intense, but learning to cook is a great and useful life tool as you start to depend on yourself.

  1. Graduation and Graduation Parties

After the big day happens and you are now a high school graduate, a great way to celebrate your accomplishment is to throw a shindig with your family and friends. It does not have to be big and spectacular, but getting together with your loved ones, eating some good food, and just celebrating the end of a chapter and the beginning of another one is a great way to close off the year.

Remember seniors, as we get closer and closer to the big day, our life in high school is coming to an end, but it will be four years we will never forget. So make these last few weeks your best, spend time with friends, cherish the little things, thank your teachers, participate in school spirit days, and enjoy your time as a Maverick before it is all over.

With the best of luck and the prosperity of all Mavericks, we celebrate class of 2019 a little longer before we say our final goodbyes. Make it a good one, Mavs!