Dorm DIY

Desiree Lopez, Reporter

When you’re in college, especially when you’re just starting and living in a dorm, it’s easy to let school get in the way of decorating your dorm room. However, if you spend so much time in your room studying anyway, you should be happy with what you see.

Dorm room decorations don’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time; they just need to be creative and make a statement. With colorful and cheap DIY projects, your dorm room will instantly be transformed into a fun and happy place. These fun decor ideas are some of the best around:

1) Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

I’m sure you can barely tell that these are picture frames! These are a cheap and easy way to keep track of your chores and homework due dates.

2) Plastic Drawer Cabinet

If you’re low on money and need a place to put your clothes, buy a cheap filing cabinet and label it with what you want to put in it. Now you’ve got a place to put everything you need and more space in your room!

3) Photo Frame Note Holder

Another frame to hold notes, reminders and even pictures of you and your loved ones, paint it with a bright and flashy color to give your room a little pop!

4) Supply Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used for almost everything; holding food, drinks, flowers, pencils, and more! This detail can spice up your desk in the best way possible! Apply some paint and you’ll be all set.

5) Succulent Light Bulbs

Last but most definitely not least, one of the coolest and creative decorations for you dorm: a succulent planter. Hanging these above your bed or even against a wall would be a beautiful addition to your already-beautiful dorm room, plus succulents are low-maintenance for any busy college student.