Wrap-Up: Maverick Belle’s Competition Season


Wrapping up another successful competition season, the Morton Ranch High School Maverick Belles placed in all team dances, ensembles and a solo.

The Belles spend hours after school everyday preparing for each season, especially competition. Practices during contest season include perfecting the material, conditioning and expanding each dancer’s abilities. Each member of the team is also required to try out for each team dance, regardless if they’re on the team, so Belles must prepare for tryouts before formations can be set.

The first competition on Feb. 23 was hosted at Dekaney High School, and the Belles entered the contest with three team routines, a routine from the Belles Kick Company, Elite Team, three officer routines and three solos.

Elite Team won in the large ensemble division with their contemporary routine to ‘bodylove’ by Mary Lambert, a song about learning to love oneself and feeling comfortable in their own skin. Elite Team delivered this message beautifully and took the crown home. Elite Team are a group of Belles that have the overall best technique in the team, so it’s no surprise they did not disappoint at competition.

Kick Company won first runner-up for the large ensemble division with their hip hop/high kick routine to ‘Hammer Time’ by MC Hammer. The dance was a mix of hip hop moves and high kicks, a unique mix that got them placed. Kick Company are the Belles with the highest and best kicks.

The Belles officer line also did really well at competition, placing in all routines and winning best in class, first runner-up. O-line entered contest with a contemporary, jazz and lyrical routine and did outstanding in all three. Senior Lt. Col. Lamiha Nuva, a solo finalist, said she loves competing as an officer.

“It’s really cool to dance with the whole team and as an officer,” Nuva said. “You get a good taste of everything and all types of genres of dance.”

The second competition was hosted at Cypress Ranch High School, where Belles entered the same routines, just for a different competition.

The team and officer line won the Super Sweepstakes Award for overall great performance, and the team placed second runner-up and first runner-up for team contemporary, team hip hop and team kick.

Senior Victoria Alvarado said she loves competing because of the atmosphere.

“It’s a great and healthy competitive atmosphere, and it’s a lot of fun to see other dances and who we’re up against,” Alvarado said. “Everyone can learn from other teams. and it’s a great way to compete.”

If you didn’t get to see the Belles compete this year, don’t worry, the Maverick Belles Annual Spring Show takes place on April 12 and 13 at 7pm in the MRHS PAC.