Opinion: Celebrity gossip is not necessary

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Every time you log into your Instagram, Twitter or any other platform used for socializing and posting, you usually see celebrity news, a lot of celebrity news, on your feed.

Everybody wants to see what famous stars are doing in their daily life: what they wear, what they think, whey they are eating, and they especially want the drama or gossip. For some reason, the drama is seemingly more interesting when it happens to be famous people.

For example, a break up between two movie stars, a relationship blooming between two celebrities or possibly a family matter causing tension in the star’s life, whatever it might be. Fans want the drama, but why is it so important to keep track of every step that they take?

Would you want millions of people talking about a personal issue between your family? People taking photos without your consent whenever you’re walking down the street. I’m saying they are people, with normal lives, if not close.

That’s why I dislike paparazzi so much, because I’m sure I wouldn’t want an entire group of photographers to take pictures of me as I am walking out of a store with a friend, inside a restaurant or even at my house. I can imagine how upset I would be if this was my reality. I know there are some celebrities that tolerate or even like the crowds of paparazzi and attention around them, but I think overall it’s just creepy and unnecessary.

Just like us, celebrities are humans. They go grocery shopping, they take their children to school and to the park just like we do. So i’m not surprised when I see people all over social media saying they met a celebrity at Walmart. It’s a normal thing to go to Walmart if you forget to buy something. It is also a normal thing to walk down a couple of blocks on the street instead of driving an expensive car.

It’s also normal to have conflicts within a family. When the conflict needs to be resolved, they should feel like they have a choice to share an update to their fans and followers or keep it to themselves. If they do choose to keep it to themselves, don’t question it by spamming their posts asking why it’s taking so long to post a picture. If they choose to share it, don’t be mean. They don’t owe you anything. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one is asking for you to share it.

This goes for everybody that has a large fan base or anyone famous, whether that is youtube or something else. It’s their choice as to how much of their lives they would like to be shared with the public, and it should be respected.

Like I said, they are normal people with lives outside of their celebrity, and the paparazzi and the creepy stalking shouldn’t be considered a “normal” part of everyday life for celebrities. It’s like the infamous “Golden Rule.” Respect people like you want them to respect you.

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