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The Disney Magic: All of the nostalgic films coming to life this year

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The Disney Magic: All of the nostalgic films coming to life this year

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2019 is a very big year for our childhood movies. Disney is bringing several classics back to life, including sequels to thriving Disney franchises like “Avengers”, “Toy Story”, “Frozen” and “Star Wars” and live-action remakes, such as “Dumbo”, “Aladdin” and “The Lion King”. Here’s the current release schedule for our old time favorites:

“Dumbo” – March 29
“Avengers: Endgame” – April 26
“Aladdin” – May 24
“Toy Story 4” – June 21
“The Lion King” – July 19
“Frozen 2” – November 22
“Star Wars: Episode IX” – December 20

Although some people are happy about many of these films, others are less than thrilled. For example, the casting of “Aladdin” has been highly disliked from the media, and they have predetermined that this movie may not be as great as it could be. As for “Toy Story 4”, a good half of the viewers tend to believe that they should have stopped at the third movie, because there was such a great ending to it. Fans are unsure of where they could go from where it ended. The other half is quite excited that the “story” is continuing, and that we have another movie to bring us that nostalgic feeling from our childhood.

Many people have shared their excitement for “Dumbo”, considering it is being directed by Tim Burton, the man who brought us all of our favorite spooky classics, such as “The Nightmare before Christmas”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Corpse Bride” and so much more. Burton is well known for his dark, gothic, eccentric horror and fantasy films, so we know that this rendition of “Dumbo” is going to be quite an interesting watch.

The new “The Lion King” became the most-viewed Disney trailer debut ever after racking up a massive 224.6 million global views online in only 24 hours, which is astonishing yet not surprising, because this movie has become a very large part of our lives since most of us were quite young. Everyone is loving the casting and is looking forward to seeing this film.

Earlier this month, Disney also revealed the first look at “Frozen 2”, and while the teaser trailer was filled with stunning imagery and teases, it sure was slight on plot details. It was a dialogue-free tease that opened up just as many questions as it answered. Maybe more of a younger audience would be looking forward to this film, but there are always the few older people that will jump right in as soon as tickets hit the booths.

No matter which movie(s) you’re looking forward to, they are all sure to delight and entertain countless viewers. Everyone is always looking for that little bit of Disney magic, and I’m sure these movies will bring just that.



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The Disney Magic: All of the nostalgic films coming to life this year