Palentine’s Day: DIY gifts for the friends in your life


Palentine’s Day DIY

Romantic relationships can certainly be wonderful, and there’s no shame in showering your significant other with your love and gifts. But there are other kinds of love and relationships that too often get ignored.

On this day in particular, we rarely hear about platonic love or the importance of friendship. That’s why this year, on Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to focus on friendship, making an effort to value the people and relationships that are frequently take for granted. Here are a few ideas for gifts to get your friends this Valentine’s Day:

1) Mini S’mores Snack Packs

Items needed:

– Graham Crackers

– Mini Hershey’s bar

– Mini marshmallows

– Plastic bag

– Paper personalized note; “I Need S’more Friends Like You”

2. Super Friend Lollipop

Items needed:

– Tootsie Pops

– Construction Paper

– Markers

– Glue

Tips: Be sure to cut everything the correct size.

Don’t forget to glue the mask on the lollipop.

3) Knock Your Socks Off!

Items needed:

– New Socks (fuzzy is optional)

– Cute Baggie & Ribbon

– Paper personalized note; “You Knock My Socks Off”

4) Bubbly Valentine

Items needed:

– Bubbles

– Personalized note

– Ribbon

5) Beary Good Friend

Items needed:

– Plastic bags

– Gummy bears

– Personalized note

Friends stand by you through thick and thin, through all the ups and downs. They deserve a day to be appreciated as well. These five ‘Palentine’s’ gifts are 100 percent guaranteed to spark a smile from your buddies.