All Things Morton Ranch: Fall sports work hard in the offseason

Junior Dayana Rodriguez, junior varsity volleyball team captain, said her favorite part of working during offseason is, “ the hard workouts because you can see the sweat dripping on the mat and it just makes you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself.”


Dayana hoped to get out of offseason, “a really successful volleyball season [in the] 2019-2020 school year.”


“For next year, I would think it it’s preparing me by keeping our team together,” Rodriguez mentioned. “When we go through the hard workouts and the punishments, it really keeps us close.”

Her goal for the next season is to never disappoint her coach with her volleyball performance during any of the games.

Jenncy Carranza, junior, believes her most favorable part of offseason is being able to “look for different ways to better [themselves] as individuals and as team players in order to better the program.”


In offseason, Carranza gets discipline and optimism as an outcome. The offseason is preparing her by, “having to rebuild [her] mentality into a winning one.”


“My goals for next season would be to gain confidence again,” Jenncy commented, “for myself and of the program.” She also hoped to make a lasting impression.

To junior Garren McLaughlin, his favorite part of football offseason is the mat drills.


McLaughlin further explained, “that’s where we go into the wrestling area and we do drills to help with our stamina and agility.”

“What I want to get out of offseason is to get faster and stronger,” he said. “That will really help me with my position and play on the field.”





McLaughlin’s main goal for next year is to earn a spot in district playoffs. “Offseason is preparing us for next year,” he noted, “we need to come out faster and stronger than last year and we need to make a playoff run.”