Throwing It Back

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Trends have changed over the years, and technology is always evolving, but it’s always fun to reminisce on the fun things we enjoyed growing up that are not so common anymore.

That moment you remember a certain thing hits you with nostalgia. It can take you way back, and some of these items did just that for me:

  1. The Razr phone

Growing up, we all wanted those super chic cell phones like the Razr flip phone that made anybody look cool. They came in several colors, had a camera, text messaging, and phone calls; the best part is the quick flip to turn it off and on. Oh flip phones, how we miss you.

  1.  Skater shoes

The most iconic shoes anyone could have in the early 2000s were skater shoes. From heelies, to bright DC shoes, kids begged their parents for a pair of these fresh kicks. You had the shoe game down if you owned a pair of these bad boys.

  1. Ferbies

Okay, we have to admit these things can be slightly creepy, but they bring us way back to the time when these we’re in every store and every kid had one. Comparing ferbies was serious business.


  1. Gym Scooters

Gym was the best when your gym teachers would pull out these scooters. Racing your friends, going as fast as possible, even falling off was the epitome of a good day in PE. Please bring these back!

  1. Scholastic Book Fairs

The best time of the year was when the scholastic book fair set up camp in your elementary schools library. From the coolest book series, to fun little toys, these book fairs had everything we could dream of. How we miss you, elementary.


  1. MTV Music Videos

The greatest way to start off the day was to turn on MTV and jam out to the music videos they would play for hours. Getting ready for school has not been the same since they stopped doing this, we will forever miss those iconic videos.


  1. Disney Channel

I think most of us can agree that Disney Channel hasn’t been the same since the iconic shows “Kim Possible”, “That’s so Raven”, “Hannah Montana”, and “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” stopped airing. Watching Disney after a long day will forever be a childhood staple.


  1. iPods

There’s no need to explain how revolutionary iPods were and how they have changed the music game. Sadly, we have so much technology that we’ve forgotten about iPods, but they are forever in our hearts.


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