A Letter to Myself

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Dear somewhat future me,

I know right now is an overwhelming time for you, and you’ve got a plethora of things on your mind. College is such a big step in life, and I know you are doubting your capability of doing this on your own.

Trust that you are much more capable than you may feel in this moment. Always remember to push yourself. You are only doing this for you, not for your mom, your dad, grandparents or anyone else. It’s YOUR future, your life.

You probably feel like this might be too much for you and are wondering if it was even a good choice to go to college. Some people, such as your parents or family in general, put too much emphasis on the things they didn’t do with their life.

They then push you even harder, so you could do what they didn’t. They mean well, but there’s more to this than pleasing them. Regardless of the decisions you make with your life, they should still love and support you.

For example, if they push you to become a doctor and you KNOW that that profession is not for you, choose what you enjoy, choose what YOU feel will bring great success. Everyone may or may not be happy with that choice, but then again… It’s not about them.

A majority of people say that college is the place you really find yourself, the person you were meant to be all this time, but I entirely disagree with that statement. College is where you are exposed to new ideas, experiences, education and people, but college is just a stepping block to what’s next.

Yes, we are obviously constantly growing as people, and we find out who we really are as time goes on, but college isn’t the only place where that happens. That’s just what happens in life. Putting yourself thousands of dollars in debt just to “find yourself”? No thanks. But debt nearly sounds worth it if you’re focused and actually succeeding, am I right?

Moral of the story, you are going to be just fine. It’s all in your head, and the more you dwell on anxiety and stress and what everyone else thinks, the harder this experience is going to be for you. You’ve been told what to do your entire life, but now it’s your turn to take control. Take advantage of that and take a deep breath. Then everything will fall into place. Best of luck, my friend.

From, yourself.

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