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All Things Morton Ranch: A day in the life

All Things Morton Ranch: A day in the life

My first period, AP Environmental Science with Mrs. Grossman, where I learn about the environmental impacts of human actions. Mrs. Grossman said her favorite part of the school day is the personal bond she makes with her students.

“I like seeing my students that actually enjoy coming to class when they have conversation and smile while talking about how their day was,” Grossman mentioned. “They trust me with random things like talking to me about their problems.”

She provided recent examples, “Students come in during lunch ,and they discuss their issues with colleges they haven’t got into yet, or their car just broke down.”

I go to Academic Decathlon with Mrs. McDaniel for second period. It’s a very eventful class as we all get along very well and are close to each other. It would have to be my hardest and most time-consuming class due to the high demand for studying every day in and out of school.

Junior Annamarie Ruley (left) claimed that the highlights of her day are Academic Decathlon and Japanese.

“My favorite part of the school day is when I come into Aca. Dec., and I’m able to study by being able to do it on my own without having to participate with other students in an ordered lesson. We can just read as we please,” Ruley responded.

She likes Japanese class for the food.

I see senior Thomas Walters for the first two periods of the day. He loves AP European History. That is his favorite class, because he likes the people and his teacher Mr. Tollison. Walters said he also likes it, because he appreciates history and the projects he does for the class. He believes it is by far the best class.

Sophomore Stephanie Melendez is in Aca. Dec. and my fourth period class, AP Psychology, with the golf coach, Mr. Poland. She said she enjoys AP World History with sub-golf and baseball coach, Mr. Bunte, and her favorite thing to do when she gets home is to relax.

“My favorite part of the day would probably be WHAP. I have always been a sucker for history and [Bunte] makes it fun,” Melendez said. When she gets home she always makes sure to take at least a one hour nap, drink tea, do homework, then sometimes cooks or does laundry.

Melendez added, “my favorite part of the day is changing into something comfortable at the end of the day.”

Senior Joel Larson is in my psychology class as well. The best part of his day is socializing in passing periods.

“Seeing my friends in-between classes is always cool,” Larson commented. “Seeing them in the hallway and saying, ‘what’s up, man’, especially on Mondays after the weekends.”

After fourth period, I spend the rest of my day in Ms. Duhon’s room for lunch, study hall, news and because I have practice after school, I stay in her class during my early release.

Before I can stay in Duhon’s room for study hall fifth period, I have to confirm my presence to the basketball coach, Mr. Moore. After that, I don’t leave her room until 2:35.

My sixth period is news where the newspaper staff write articles for the website, Maverick Star. Senior Desiree Lopez started this semester. Her and Ms. Duhon are the highlights of my day, because they are goofy, deal with my flaws and are great people to be around.

There was a hallway pep rally at the beginning of seventh period on Jan. 31 for the swimmers that are going to State.
Everyday after school, I spend upwards of 3 hours practicing for shot put and discus. It was raining at the time, making it unsafe to throw, so we had to work out in the weight room instead.

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