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How many teachers do you know discuss power levels of anime characters with their students?

Have you ever had a teacher that plays more video games more than their students?

Do you have a teacher that tries to make connections and bonds with their students? Mr. Justin Mueller, English teacher, does all these and more.

As a young man, Justin Mueller was a youth leader at his church. This is where his passion for helping youth learn and grow first developed. After college, Mueller initially went into the oil and gas industry where he would train people coming in from around the world. However, this never seemed right to him.

Mr. Mueller said, “Eventually I knew; I needed to put this into something I’ve always wanted to do, either teaching or being a police officer. Teaching seemed to be the better fit for me.”

These past few years Mueller has put those skills to good use as a teacher at the Ranch, creating bonds with students and helping them succeed. Some teachers struggle with reaching students more personally and getting through to them, but Mueller does a great job of this with his kids.

“Understanding them on a personal level, finding something we can connect with. It’s learning about them instead of more about my self or just English,” Mueller said.

While he does take great interest in his students, he does care greatly about English and making sure his students stay interested in it as well.

“I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing,” he said. “My big idea was that I really wanted to express that passion in other people.”

His love for literature and teaching is apparent. It’s ever more clear when Mueller speaks about one of his favorite memories with a student.

“I met him in the summer, and he spoke no English whatsoever,” he explained. “He was one of the most shy students I had ever met. Over the year, his English proficiency skyrocketed, and he completely broke out of his shell. He ended up being one of the least shy kids I’ve ever met, and in May ended up being one of the only students to pass the STAAR test. He’s gone on to be a really successful individual.”

His drive to teach and to have his students succeed to their greatest potentials shows what kind of teacher Mr. Mueller is.

“You are who you surround yourself with,” Mueller said. “We are a combination of everyone we’ve ever known. I always find it efficient that we surround ourselves with positive influences.”

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