Setting the Bar: AP Ambassadors

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Setting the Bar: AP Ambassadors

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Setting high expectations for their students and their academics, the group AP Ambassadors sets the bar for inspiring leaders and scholars.

AP Ambassadors is a group of students who exemplify what it means to be a honors student. With outstanding grades and high GPAs, these students lead their class to excellence with great expectations of academia. They promote advanced classes to students and parents to explain they can do it, and they’re not as scary as they think. They aid their school and students with the hope of pushing others to strive for greatness.

Senior Thomas Walters, the president of AP Ambassadors, said it’s an honor to be a member of AP Ambassadors, and he holds himself to high expectations.

“As an AP Ambassador, my job is to promote AP classes as much as I can,” he explained. “We do so by attending events like open house and course selection nights to help parents who have questions. We also hold fundraisers for scholarships to help students pay for AP tests and go to the lower level schools to help them understand and get excited for AP courses.”

Walters also said they want to make these classes seem less scary and that being an ambassador has taught him many great things he will always carry with him.

“Being an AP Ambassador has taught me the power of my individual voice, like during my sophomore year I traveled to the state capitol to rally for AP funding with other ambassadors from around the state,” Thomas said. “We went and spoke with our local representative about the importance of AP and how it has affected us.”

Senior Briana Wofford, who is the vice president of AP Ambassadors, said it’s okay to not have perfect grades, but pushing yourself is important and that’s what AP Ambassadors is all about.

“It’s about being able to prove something to yourself in that I may not always get an A, but I tried my hardest and pushed through those late nights,” Briana said. “We try to help others see that an AP student doesn’t necessarily mean five different AP classes, but it means taking what you are comfortable in taking.”

The ambassadors hosted an event for scholars who achieved certain scores on their AP tests, and they hope to host other events in the future to award students for their accomplishments.


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