News Brief (12/3 to 12/10)

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Monday (12/3):

  • The show “Friends” was set to be removed from Netflix. Fans reacted with anger to this news. In response, more than $100 million is being spent to keep the program running on the streaming service,

Tuesday (12/4)

  • More than 5.1 million pounds of beef is recalled by JBS Tolleson Inc., after the packaged beef was distributed nationwide and was found to be contaminated with salmonella.

Wednesday (12/5)

  • Cardi B and Offset broke up. Both rappers took to social media, confirming their breakup.

Thursday (12/6)

  • Across the country radio stations have banned the Christmas song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ in response to many commenting that the lyrics went against the #MeToo movement. However, radio stations face mixed responses from listeners as many others disagree with the action taken.
  • Wisconsin Republicans are pushing bills through rapidly in an effort to limit the power and authority of the incoming democratic governor.

Friday (12/7)

  • CNN’s New York offices were evacuated in response to a phoned-in bomb threat. Authorities quickly reacted and were able to assess the threat.
  • Trump is expected to announce, through a tweet, State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert as the new UN Ambassador to replace Nikki Haley after her surprising resignation.

Saturday (12/8)

  • Former NFL linebacker Isiah Robertson  died after the limousine he was in skidded on a wet road and collided with two other vehicles.
  • Trump announced that John Kelly will step down from his position by the end of the new year, as he looks for a replacement to counter the bad press from Muller’s investigation, the Democrats growing power and prepare for the upcoming 2020 campaign.

Sunday (12/9)

  • The successful K-Pop group was involved in a minor car crash in Taiwan, while on tour. The organizers of the tour have confirmed that no one was injured and that the band members were safe.

Monday (12/10)

  • The Supreme Court rebuffed efforts made by states to block funding to Planned Parenthood, protecting the program.
  • Under the guise of being a foreign student, Maria Butina infiltrated the National Rifle Association and worked for Russian officials. She is now cooperating with federal authorities as part of accepting a plea deal.
  • Many of those who are protesting the higher taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel price, have started riots in the streets of Paris. Many are now even protesting the French President Macron, insisting that this now a revolution and that they want him out.
  • Conspiracy theorist and conservative writer Jerome Corsi sued Mueller and accuses the special counsel of blackmail, insisting that they forced him to lie about information regarding the Russian investigation.
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