Making the Most of Memes

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Making the Most of Memes

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High school in general is a place where humor abounds. Whether it be a couple of friends cutting up in the hall, the things our teachers say, a school event like spirit days or pep rallies, our staff and students are always laughing and having a good time. This spirit carried to Instagram when the page Morton Ranch Memes started on Sep. 4.

What started out as a joke between three friends, seniors Dylan Nicholson, Santiago Dominguez and Gabriel Garzon, quickly garnered a large following with the students of MRHS. In fact, their Instagram is now up to 1,266 followers and still growing. When asked about the start, all the members similarly described their humble beginnings.

“We wanted to do it because why not?” Dylan said.

Gabriel agreed, saying, “It was a joke at first, and then we decided let’s just start it up.”

Santi added, “Where my mom works at they have a meme page, so I was like, ‘You know what, why not?’ I brought it up as a joke; it wasn’t supposed to become anything real, but we came up with the first two or three memes, and it blew up.”

Following their success with the Instagram page, they knew they wanted to expand to Twitter, using that as more of a spot for school updates compared to the memes on the other. To help with this they brought in junior Nina Martinez to run that side of the operation.

“It’s pretty great; it’s exclusive though having just been Dylan, Santi and Gabriel so far,” Nina added.

Most of the student body didn’t know who the trio was until recently when the boys decided to reveal their identities on the page. It was a surprise to the followers, but Santiago had decided it was for the best.

“I thought it was about time,” Santi said. “Some people already knew about it and word was getting out; I felt like it was time.”

Dylan talked about having people suspect him of being behind the page.

“I had at least five or six people come up to me and be like ‘was it you?’ or ‘you’re the kind of person to’,  but I’d just tell them, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’.”

When asked why they do it, all the boys agreed with the same reasoning.

Gabriel started with, “We do it for the fun.”

Santi said he wanted to lighten everyone’s day at school since everyone has to be here.

“People like it and part of people’s everyday routine is to come here to school, you might as well have some humor and lighten the mood a bit,” he said.

All the boys agreed on what they were going to do with the future of the meme page after they graduate at the end of the year: they will pass the torch to Nina.

While our senior class may be leaving, these three mavericks left their mark with the meme page. Underclassmen: keep an eye out for the memes coming from it. Hopefully content will be created for future Mavericks and for many years to come.

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