Not a Lazy Susan


Andrea Aragon

As the drum major, Susan Lee (12) has dedicated her high school career to The Maverick Band.

Susan has played the flute since the 6th grade. Nicknamed Suzy, started her band career at Katy Junior High. Once she joined the Maverick Band, she realized that middle school band is very different compared to high school band.

“High School band is definitely so much more fun than junior high because of the music; you are more challenged,” she said. “In junior high, you’re like ‘Oh my god! Those are 16th notes’. You freak out. Now they’re pretty normal for you. You play what you think is hard music in junior high. Then you get to high school, and you realize it pushes you to become a better musician.”

Suzy played the flute in the stands her freshman and sophomore year and marched with the rest of her members. By her junior year, she was assistant drum major. Now as a senior, she is the head drum major.

In this role, Suzy has many different responsibilities compared to other members of the band. Making head drum major is one of Suzy’s biggest accomplishments.

“It’s a lot of behind the scene stuff; you work with the directors and have to back them up,” she said. “You also have to help make hard decisions. Some people might not like you for it, but that’s okay. You really have to do what’s best for the band. You’re not just looking out for yourself; you’re looking out for everyone else.”

During marching season, Suzy is usually very busy and has an intense schedule. She has rehearsal from 5 to 8 pm or 3 to 5 pm depending on the day of the week. They usually practice four days of the week, and every football game day they practice for an hour, then they attend the game. As the drum major, Suzy usually stays in the band hall until everyone leaves, so she makes sure that everyone gets home safe.

“This one game, the Cinco Ranch game, we had a competition in the morning and then a football game later on in the day,” Suzy said. “So we were gone from 5 am until the end of the football game. Although it ended really late, we had a really strong performance both times.”

Suzy considers band a passion, because of all the dedication she puts into it. Suzy stated that band is not an easy art, therefore if an individual decides to follow through with it, they are definitely passionate about it.

“You have to devote so much time and effort into it, even if you don’t like it,” she said. “You still develop a love for it because of the relationships that you make. Band offers an experience that nothing else really can.”

Band has been a positive attribute in Suzy’s life. The organization has helped her learn more about herself and how she can improve as a person. It has also helped her socialize more and make new friendships.

“I used to be very shelled, and I would barely talk to anyone,” she said. “Since I joined band, I have gained a lot of friends. They’re basically my second family; I would do anything for them. It has also helped me become a better leader. I know how to delegate more, and it’s allowed me to trust people more.”

As a band member, Suzy has learned that a grade shouldn’t stop each other from becoming friends. She has created friendships with freshmen, sophomores and juniors, regardless of their age. Even after band members graduate, Suzy makes sure that she keeps in contact with them to continue their friendship.

Suzy wishes to attend Baylor University, which she recently found out she was accepted as a student for the 2019-2020 academic year, and plans on joining the band. She had the opportunity to play with the Baylor band a couple of weeks ago, which made her excited to play in college.

In the future, Suzy is not heading towards the musical world, because she wants to study medicine. Although she may not have a career as a musician, she still loves playing the flute and listening to classical music.

“I know I’ll find some time to play,” she said.

For those interested in joining band, Suzy said to not be discouraged, because it is what made her high school experience enjoyable.

“Just keep pushing through; you’ll have your rough days,” she explained. “Band is hard. I’m not going to lie. Like you have to find time for yourself, that is one thing I didn’t do. Once I get focused on one thing, I give everything to it, and then I burn out. Find some time for yourself and your studies and don’t drop the things that are important to you.”