The Music in Me: Rene Juarez reflects on his accomplishments, future in music


Aileen Rivera

Expressing himself through his music, Senior Rene Juarez garnered recognition as a talented bass player, not just at Morton Ranch High School but across the state of Texas.

Rene recently achieved the distinction of being named the No. 1 bass player in the state for his solo bass performance at UIL competition. This accomplishment is the result of many years of hard work and passion for the craft.

Rene, who has been playing the bass for six years, began his training with the orchestra at McDonald Junior High as a sixth grader and continued to play with the MRHS Orchestra. Rene also trains with the Houston Youth Symphony Orchestra

“Bass is an instrument you need to be comfortable with if you are comfortable with yourself,” he said. “Playing a human-sized instrument takes more practice than let’s say the violin. You have to be constantly moving body lengths with your arms, and it’s a lot of vigorous exercise and painful experience for your fingers. With the right mindset, you can play really well.”

The average bass is about 6-feet tall, so being a tall person helps a lot with the execution of the instrument, especially since Rene is 6 feet and 2 inches tall.

“You can find the right sized bass you want, and it’s more beneficial to reach the entirety of the fingerboard compared to short people who have to hunch over a lot,” said Rene about the benefits of being tall.

Pursuing an instrument takes a lot of hard work and practice, especially an instrument that is bigger than most people. Rene spends about five days a week and two hours a day practicing to perfect his ability to produce music.

“Overall practicing gives you a better sense of yourself,” he said. “It makes you see yourself in ways you could improve.”

Rene has had many opportunities playing with the school and the Houston Youth Symphony. He had a chance to play at the Renaissance Festival with the school, and he also gets to perform at the Rice University with the Houston Youth Symphony. Additionally, he also was given the opportunity to play with the Houston Symphony at Jones Hall.

Rene has won many awards, all of which make him stand out from his peers. Some of his accomplishments include making All-State Symphony Orchestra two years in a row, going to California and playing at the Disney Concert Hall, and being named the UIL program No. 1 in the state of Texas for solo bass performance. One of his favorite memories of being in orchestra is winning outstanding performance for All-State Solo and Ensemble.

Rene wants to further develop his education in music and major in performance. He is interested in attending Ithaca College’s School of Music or the Curtis Institute of Music.

After college, Rene wishes to travel the world with the Houston Symphony and hopefully perform as a soloist for various events. He is also interested in composing some of his own music that he can publish.

Performing every year and practicing almost every day, Rene has found his passion, and he is so glad that it is music. He has found more creativity and maturity as a person, because it makes him a lot more responsible.

“I love being able to express myself in music,” he added. “Playing the way I want people to hear it and not just playing it when someone tells me to hear it.”

Rene wished to tell his fellow Mavericks to support the orchestra and go to their concerts, as well as the other fine arts programs, because they work tirelessly to make it look effortless.