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In the Endzone

Lauren Duhon

Lauren Duhon

Lauren Duhon

In the Endzone

It is the fourth quarter against Mayde Creek. Morton is only up by five points with a little more than a minute left in the game. With the ball in the opponent’s possession, our defense has to fight to keep the lead.

The Creek only needed 55 yards to win the game. Their quarterback throws the ball in hopes that No. 6 will catch the ball. When our team needs a miracle the most, sophomore Damon Bankston, No. 37, intercepts the ball.

The student section erupted in excitement along with the other fans in the bleachers. This was the last play of the game and the last play of the season.

This was the scene last Thursday, which marked the end of many things for this year: student section, marching band, color guard and football’s season.

Morton Ranch varsity football went 5-5 for this season beating Mayde Creek, Seven Lakes, Sam Houston, Cy-Lakes and Westside. Unfortunately, they did not make it to playoffs, but amazing things were still accomplished.

For Senior Ethan Williamson, his personal achievement was to make a game changing catch, which he did during the Mayde Creek game. Senior Xavier Luehr’s highlight was executing nine pancakes during the Sam Houston game. Senior Daniel Damond’s goal was to catch 12 throws and succeeded with 15 catches.

Personal goals that were met are triumphs of their own. Statistically, our team’s defense is the best in Katy.

Offensive coach and teacher Wendell Ishee said this year’s defense was like no other.

“Defense played their butt off this year,” he said. “They are the best in the district and gave us a lot of opportunities to win the game.”

Everyone has a reason for what they do everyday. Many people’s passion is football, and they look forward to practicing and playing the game everyday.

This year was the second year junior Garren McLaughlin had been on varsity. His favorite moment from the season was playing in the Homecoming game against Seven Lakes.

“It was a really big game that we needed to win,” McLaughlin noted. “So when the time came, we stepped up and came out with a win.”

Because of being on the football team, he became friends with people that he knows has his back no matter what.

“Being on the team meant that I had a second family,” he added.

Senior Thomas Walters believed the Homecoming game to be the highlight of the season as well.

“It was such a good feeling to break our losing streak and handily beat a team that had talent,” Thomas said.

For Walters, being on the team means being part of a “brotherhood” and a family. He feels that even through everything, they have each other’s backs.

“I’ve made some of my best friends from being on the football team,” Walters mentioned. “Because of that, I consider spending four years on the team worth it.”

Every year is special for everyone involved in the game. If there was no one passionate about the game, coaches wouldn’t spend the extra hours coaching, players wouldn’t exhaust their energy, and the crowd wouldn’t spend money and time to watch the game from the stands.

When asked about the season, Walters said it was hard fought.

“We started off well,” he explained. “Every loss were close games. We are a team with a misleading record. I wholeheartedly believe that we are of a much higher caliber than our record shows.”

Ishee also reflected on the season and expanded on what he hopes to see this upcoming year.

“We always like to see kids step up and fill in people’s shoes; it’s their turn to shoot their shot in achieving goals like winning playoff games and winning district championships,” Ishee mentioned. “The gap is narrowing. You think about two or three plays, and we could have been in playoffs.”

Their victories this year doesn’t stop them from striving for better in the future. They have already started working out to stay in shape and prepare for the next season.

Garren McLaughlin said the team is constantly learning and improving. Whether it is a physical or mental mistake, they are taking the upcoming season headstrong.

“We have players who know what they are doing and how to play their respective positions,” McLaughlin stated. “So going to playoffs is definitely something we’re looking towards for next season.”


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