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Flags Fly High With Pride

Andrea Aragon

Andrea Aragon

Andrea Aragon

Flags Fly High With Pride

Dozens of flags fly through the air. All the spectators in the stands watch as each flag is caught and flung up again with the same finesse and grace as the last.

The Morton Ranch High School’s color guard puts in more practice and hours then we know, and it definitely shows.

Though it takes a lot of time, our guard girls make sure to put in the work; work that is proven every season with their fantastic choreography and all around great shows. Whether it be marching season or winter guard, our girls always do great.

Sophomore Taylor Spinks said, “Color guard has taught me to be more responsible and to manage my time better, how to make better friendships and be more cordial with people.”

When asked about the different seasons, Senior Valerie Petricolet said she likes marching season more.

“There is a lot more interaction going on,” she explained. “You get to work with the band and form more friendships and bonds with people. During winterguard, you’re pretty isolated to working with the one team you make and that’s it.”

Senior Mia Uriate agreed, saying, “I like marching season more; the choreography is larger and even though the wind can be a con, I think the longer the show and more elements, the more personality it shows.”

However, sophomore Zaira Garcia Concepcion differed with her opinion. She prefers winter guard.

“I get the chance to work and become a better performer,” she said. “Getting to perform without the band and instead be the focus of the competition.”

Our color guard girls excel in every way and constantly show that they’re one of the best in Texas. These past few seasons have been some of the most successful in the program’s history, and the future is just as bright.

Senior Jade Anderson said this season was way better than last season because she feels that the team bonded more this year.“We communicate better as a team and understand each other more,” she said.

The future of the winter guard season is looking bright for the girls as they prepare to get their next show ready. Competitions are around the corner, and they’re more than ready to win first at each of them.

While they have the competitions to get ready for, the guard girls are still working closely with one another and their director.

Valerie said that her hope for the rest of the year is to become closer with whatever team she makes and that they push themselves as hard as possible.

“I love working with our directors and seeing what they want to improve this year,” Valeria said. “It influences what I want to improve on.”

While many of our guard girls are graduating this year, the underclassmen are more than ready to continue the legacy the program has garnered over the past few years. While the past was great, the future will be even better, come what may.

Like Valerie said, “Tough times will happen, but don’t let that stop you. There’s no need to cry in the moment; focus on what’s happening next rather than wasting time on something that’s already passed.”

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