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Learning at Miller: Students share their experiences, goals

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As we continue to grow, each and every one of us sets new goals and a path for the future. However, that isn’t always something that comes easily, especially as the world around us is constantly changing and obstacles are laid in front of us.

Many of the students here at Morton Ranch High School have taken that extra step by enrolling at the Miller Career and Technology Center. Miller allows students to explore their desired career interests in a hands-on fashion through a multitude of career programs and classes. For half the day, students stay at MRHS and for the other half students attend Miller, trying to find a career path for their future.

Seniors Gaby Hilado, Alexis Rangel and Jabeen Hussain are a few of the many MRHS students who are attending Miller this year in hopes of discovering their passion.

Gaby said she was immediately interested in Miller when she learned about its many programs involving career’s in the medical field. She viewed it as a major opportunity to explore her interests and determine a career for herself in the future.

“I was interested in Miller since I first entered high school,” Gaby said. “I heard about the Health Science programs at Miller, and I was sure I was going to take one of those options my senior year. I want a career in the medical field.”

Miller has successfully helped Gaby in determining the path she should take in life and has helped nurture her for the new world she is about to enter.

“ttending Miller has helped me determine what I want to do in the future and helped me set my career path,” Gaby added,

Gaby is currently enrolled in Miller’s Dental Assisting class and is taking the steps necessary to achieve a future in the medical field as a nurse. She hopes that this program can allow her to receive the necessary experience required to deal with patients and earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, otherwise known as a BSN.

Alexis also saw Miller as an opportunity to better himself and prepare for what the real-world has in store for him.

“The whole idea of leaving campus to an institution that prepares you for what is to come after high school really got me interested in Miller,” Alexis said. “Not only does it give you a glimpse of the real world and make you feel independent, but it’s the first big step towards the career path you choose to take.” said Alexis.

Alexis goes to Miller and is enrolled in its Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class. Alexis hopes that this class will provide him with enough experience and knowledge in the medical field to help him in his goal of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon, a surgeon who specializes in the cardiovascular system. He is determined and willing to do what is necessary to achieve this goal no matter what.

“Being in Miller has impacted me by giving me confidence over my life decisions and a sense of direction towards what I want to do in the future,” he added. “As I said before, it is the first big step towards the career path you choose to take.”

Lastly, Jabeen is another talented and intelligent student who has taken life into her own hands and is shaping her future by attending Miller. She is taking Clinical Rotations at Miller. In this class, students shadow nurses and observe them in different areas of the hospital to get a better understanding of a variety of multiple careers that take place in a hospital setting.

“Clinicals allows me to explore other careers within the hospital and how they coexist with one another; not to mention it allows me to get a feel of the hospital atmosphere,” Jabeen said.

Miller has also successfully allowed Jabeen to determine the path she wants to take in life

“I want to be a pediatrician, a doctor who helps children up to 18,” she added. “I just always found myself happy when being around kids or helping them.”

Miller also offers a lot more to its students than just the career-based courses listed above. It has many other programs, such as its Culinary and Automotive Technology career-based classes. Miller is a great opportunity for many young students to explore what they want to do with their life and provides them with the knowledge and confidence to pursue the path they want to take in life.



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Learning at Miller: Students share their experiences, goals