Your Homecoming Royalty

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Your Homecoming Royalty

Lauren Duhon

Lauren Duhon

Lauren Duhon

Laura Perich, Reporter

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As most of you know, Homecoming occurred this past weekend. Many people filled the stands bleeding purple and white.

At the football game our 2018 Homecoming queen was crowned. Diane Nguyen (12) won the title of queen. At the dance, Lance Balser (12) claimed the title of king.

Out of the largest senior class in Morton Ranch history, only five were elected for the girls and four were elected for the boys. Bre’Auna Gonzalez, Lizzete Castillo, Haley Brenk, Diane Nguyen and Angela Cordero represented the girls. While Kristian Johnson, Lance Balser, Tyler Hammond and Brandon Anderson represented the boys.

“I was pretty convinced that Tyler Hammond was going to win, because he’s a great guy,” Lance said. “He’s got the basketball team behind him, a lot of other organizations support him. He honestly deserves to win, I love that guy. All of them deserve to win; they are great people! I was just fortunate enough to have a lot of support.”

The court created a new bond that most people wouldn’t understand. Even though they competed against each other, they remained positive towards one another. They started off as strangers and after Homecoming, they have found new friendships that they will always remember for the rest of their lives.

Court member Kristian Johnson said we all realized that we were there for a reason.

“We all connected in a way that none of us had connected before,” Kristian said. “We got to know each other and got to know personal things that we wouldn’t share with anyone else. The bond of trust we built is unbreakable.”

Diane and Lance are honored to be crowned Homecoming queen and king. They are both very humble about the experience, and they were very surprised when they got nominated for Homecoming court, let alone when they won.

“I’ve always been super school-spirited; I love my school,” Lance said. “When that time came around for all the people to start nominating, all my friends were like, ‘Oh, you should run for that’. I was just like, ‘you know what, might as well’. I posted something on Twitter, and I was lucky enough to get on the court and then win.”

Diane explained how she was excited to walk down on the field at Legacy Stadium underneath those bright and shining lights in front of her family.

“The homecoming game and the dance, they were almost the same,” she explained. “I had to make sure that everybody was there, especially for my mom and my grandpa. I had to make sure I got my hair ready and my makeup ready, which took like two hours. I just had to make sure everybody was there.”

The nerves always come when someone is in a position like this. Lance is involved in the MRHS drumline and is used to speaking in public and being in front of a big crowd, but when he was on that stage at the dance, the nerves got to him.

“Yeah, actually, it was quite weird to me,” he explained. “I don’t usually get nervous for things like that, because obviously I’ve been in band and do that all the time. I have to talk in front of people all the time, but this was kind of a new experience. I was with these other guys that really made me feel like I needed to do better, to be the best person I could be. Because they are so great and I don’t know, I was nervous, which is really weird.”

To be elected king and queen, both campaigned. Diane and Lance ran together and posted a lot of pictures on social media. Diane even made a video to show off her personality and get her last name out there.

“I knew the girls probably would’ve just posted their best four pictures and put it on Twitter,” Diane said. “So, my thought was ‘how can I get my last name out there?’, because it’s kind of a hard last name to remember, especially with the spelling. So I was just like, ‘Oh, let me make a music video, and then that way I can show a little bit of my personality.”

Both the king and the queen are honored to be the MRHS Homecoming royalty.

“It feels great; I really appreciate that the student body supports me,” Lance said. “I always try to be the best Maverick that I can be. I love this school, I love being able to represent it in that way, and I’m just very pleased and happy that everything is going that way.”

Diane also reiterated a similar feeling.

“It feels awesome, like I’m living my highschool fantasy,” Diane said. “You know, just walking down that field, especially since it’s so big and seeing all the people I love in the student section; it’s just awesome!”

For the future Homecoming court, the queen has a few pieces of advice to share.

“Have fun, because when you’re competing against these other people it’s easy to get stuck in the moment,” she said. “It’s one of those things that whether you’re going to win or lose, just enjoy the moment.”

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