Opinion: The administration’s immigration policies have implications for future generations

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The debate on immigration and how to deal with it has become a divisive issue.

The Trump administration aims to keep campaign promises in limiting immigration with extreme measures like the travel ban from Muslim majority countries and the recent family separation of immigrants that sparked rage from people around the country, including celebrities. However, the most controversial and in my opinion the craziest proposal President Trump has brought up is ending the guaranteed birthright citizenship of children born to undocumented immigrants.

Although many, including people in his political party, have explained that the right of being a naturally born citizen is embedded into our Constitution, the leader of the free world continues to threaten his own citizens. Just days before the midterm election, he held rallies to promote his plan.

Vice President Mike Pence stood by Trump, stating in his interview with Politico, “We all cherish the language of the Fourteenth Amendment, but the Supreme Court of the United States has never ruled on whether the language of the Fourteenth Amendment — ‘subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ — applies specifically to people who are in the country illegally.”

The continue push by this administration to decrease the amount of people who come to America has brought in unreasonable procedures, such as the troops that have been sent to the border to stop a caravan of immigrants coming into the U.S. to seek asylum.

As a child of immigrant parents, this struck home for me. America is a place that was built on the sole belief that anything was possible in this great country full of opportunities. That is what my parents believed when they came here. They took that risk without knowing how certain the future was for them.

My mother’s dream as a child was to be able to give her children the opportunity to become whoever they wanted to be and reach far above the sky, just like many other immigrants. There should not be troops at the border waiting to detain people seeking a better life. Our very own president, who is married to an immigrant, needs to understand that the people coming here are not coming to invade but are coming to plead for help.

As a father to five children who were lucky to be born here and the leader of a country built on principles, President Trump needs an urgent reality check on how easy it is be in the shoes of those he accuses as “drug dealers” and rethink the implications it can have on the values and future of America.

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