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Purple Reign: The 2018 Homecoming Court

Purple Reign: The 2018 Homecoming Court

Homecoming is here and so is our esteemed Maverick court. Voting for king and queen will take place October 29 and 30 during junior and senior English classes so make sure to make your vote count and pick who you want to win.

Tyler Hammond

Tyler Hammond is a basketball player and member of the PALs organization. Tyler has a lot of good memories as a maverick, both on and off the court.

When asked about his favorite memory, he was ready with his answer of hitting a game winning shot last year.

While Tyler knows he’s got it on the basketball court, he’s more than happy to be on the homecoming court.

“To be on homecoming court is humbling,” Tyler said. “It’s nice to be on the court with all these amazing people.”


Lance Balser

Lance Balser, member of the Morton Ranch drumline and proud Maverick, is known for going all out on our spirit days and loves seeing people spirited at school and especially at games.

Lance had nothing but good things to say about being on homecoming court.

“I appreciate my class voting for me and being with this great group of guys and girls,” Lance said. “All fabulous people.”


Brandon Anderson

Brandon Anderson, one of the stars of MavTV and residential funnyman, has no specific favorite memory but likes making new ones every day hanging with friends and cutting up at school.

When asked about being on court, Brandon said, “It’s a big deal, a real highschool fantasy, and I’m really happy and excited.”


Kristian Johnson

Kristian Johnson is the marketing manager for the school’s yearbook. His favorite time as a maverick would have to be one of his performances he gave on the stage over the years.

“Being on court means I have fulfilled my duty in making people like me,” Kristian said with a smirk.


Lizzete Castillo

Lizzete Castillo is one of the proud members of the Belles, a runner for track and in the PALs organization. She loves all the track meets, football games, pep rallies and more that she has gotten the chance to participate in over the years.

Lizette, overjoyed to be on court, said, “This is so exciting, and I have wanted to do this for a long time, so it’s a bit of a dream.”


Haley Brenk

Haley Benk is a member of our Belles and a member of the Maverick Star news staff. While she’s had lots of good times as a maverick, her favorite is performing at the Super Bowl her first year of Belles. She got to hug Lady Gaga, so it’s sort of an easy choice.

“It’s such a high honor,” Haley said when asked about being on court.“I’m getting to represent the school well, and I’m proud to be that Maverick.”


Diane Nguyen

Diane Nguyen is a track runner and a runner in the Katy Student Run organization. She is also a member of Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society. Whether it be a football game or a pep rally, Diane’s favorite memories are any time the students are showing true Maverick Spirit.

Diane takes a special pride in being on court.

“I don’t know any Asian homecoming queens, and the fact that I’m already on court and has the chance to be an Asian representative in the Asian community here at Morton Ranch means a lot,” Diane said.


Bre’Auna Gonzalez

Bre’Auna Gonzalez is a member of Senior Women and part of the fantastic color guard team here at the Ranch. She loves Morton Ranch, its diversity and friendliness and getting along with everybody.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted,” Bre’Auna said about being on court. “Especially being inspired from the past few years’ winners.”


Angela Cordero

Angela Cordero is in both Belles and National Honor Society. Angela loves being a Maverick, especially on our spirit days when we get to dress up, be goofy and show all our purple pride.

“Being on court is an amazing opportunity,” Angela said. “I’m so thrilled to be a part of it.”

Remember to vote Monday and Tuesday and be ready to see the winners at the homecoming game this Friday at Legacy Stadium and the dance Saturday at school.

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