The Mustached Man With the Most


Morton Ranch High School is a proud school full of teachers who come to work every day in the hope of enlightening their students through learning and brightening their day with positive attitudes.

AP U.S. History Teacher and AP Government teacher Troy Womack is one of those teachers and much more.

Womack goes above and beyond what many teachers would consider. He involves himself at school and in the academic careers of his students.

Anyone who has had Womack knows he can take what would be bad news and word it into being light-hearted, so that the student knows what they did or are doing wrong without feeling bad about themselves and keeping the mood light.

While he is great for his students at the high school, he is also great for younger students in the community. Being the sponsor for PALS, he takes his class to elementaries in the area and has students help and be buddies with the little kids there. Mr. Womack knew when he saw the position open up here at Morton Ranch he had to go for it.

“I saw the PALS in Alief come to our building, and they were a real good influence on some of my troubled kids, so I thought it’d be a good program,” Womack said.

Womack saw the potential the program had from working and seeing it in his old district. Since starting it here, he’s seen the impact first hand.

“One day we were going back to a school, and a student was a pal for the second year,” he said. “He was going to have the same kid, and when the little boy saw him he started to cry and hugged him; that’s what PALS is all about.”

Inside and outside of the classroom, Womack sees the impact he’s had on his students years later. Like, when he runs into them in public.

“Seeing a kid you used to teach, and they say, ‘Oh, I remember your class. I really had fun in there. I enjoyed it. You were a good teacher.’ That’s a good feeling,” Womack said.

When asked why he does it and what makes working at the Ranch special, Womack’s response was succinct yet profound.

“Morton Ranch is special, because we have all kinds of people here from all kinds of levels. It’s neat to see teachers be able to bring kids from any level and raise them up to the next; it’s hard work but good work,” Womack said.

Not your average bump on a pickle, Mr. Womack is the kind of teacher people talk about for the rest of their lives, and the kind of teacher everyone who listens to the stories wish they had.