Social Media Shame

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As we all know, social media networks are an innovative way to communicate and share moments in our lives. Movements are made possible, Instagram users are turned into social media stars, and we found new ways to share life tips to others and to create communities.

It runs through all of our social circles. Almost everybody I know at least has one social media account that they will check on a daily basis to see what people have posted for the day. It is just that popular.  

Here’s my problem: social media is supposed to be used to make new friends, accessible for people to connect with distant family and relationships and share people’s creativity all around the world. Even facebook admitted that the app was created for that reason. Now oftentimes social media networks are used for cyber bullying and discrimination and can even belittle someone who simply wants to have a small part in the social media world.

I see this all the time on Instagram. There is post after post where the comments under are filled with insults about a person’s appearance, lifestyle or any other aspect of an individual’s life. I’m not saying this is the majority of Instagram posts I see, but the bullying is still there. It is something that is a constant factor that users have to deal with on social media, and it’s also something that should not be there.

Something that I should also point out is how much this online discrimination affects people. Cyberbullying began with the expansion of texting in the 1990s, and it’s a prevalent problem today.  But it is not just the cyberbullying. The pressures of the ‘perfect image” can affect the mental health of others. For example, Instagram is obsessed with bombarding people that can often be unobtainable and most likely photoshopped.

I’m all for being fit and healthy, but some of the “perfect body images” I see are almost impossible to create. The effect of this can cause people to feel negatively about themselves.

I’m not saying these social media networks should be shunned from Earth, especially since social media has done all kinds of things to make the world feel more connected. But social media should also reinforce healthy role models and good attitudes, not completely destroy one’s self-esteem and happiness. If we can change how we act and what we show on these social media sites, it could affect an individual’s life greatly.   



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