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The Brains of the Operation

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Katy ISD is known for its high expectations and exemplary grades in academics. Many students dedicate their time to their studies, ensuring high grades and perfect GPAs.

As college deadlines and final decisions approach, seniors have been giving their all into their classes for a bright future. Senior Frederica Kizek is ready to take the year head on and manage her time wisely.

“It’s definitely important for me to prioritize my time according to due dates or any upcoming tests,” said Kizek. “Sometimes it will come down to saying, ‘If tomorrow’s not the due date, today isn’t the do date,’ because I often have so much going on that it’s impossible to work on everything in one afternoon.”

Frederika wants to be an anesthesiologist, and she is prepared for the hard work and dedication that goes into such a tedious career. Frederika is currently no. 1 in the class, tied for valedictorian with another outstanding student, senior Myron Layese.

“I go home, I sleep, and I study for two to three hours, and it depends on the subject,” said Layese. “People expect a lot from me, but I want to be a musician.”

Both of the students have shown outstanding grades throughout all of high school, and have left their teachers all very proud. AP World History teacher Mr. Matthew Tollison had both of the students their sophomore year.

“They were phenomenal students, very respectful and not just intelligent, which they clearly are,” said Tollison. “They’re the kind of students every teacher wants to have, and I happen to have them both. And come to find out, they’re tied for first, and they’re so motivated.”

These students and so many more have worked insanely hard for the spot that they have. They manage to be extraordinary students while maintaining a social life and extracurricular activities.

The legacy they’re leaving behind sets up high expectations and dedicated behavior for future seniors who might take the place of valedictorian or salutatorian or anyone graduating top of their class.

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